OG Fortnite Streamers Gear Up To Drop Into Chapter 1 Throwback Season

Streamers who have been playing Fortnite since it was first released are getting ready for the OG throwback season.


Image via Epic Games

As Fortnite’s OG throwback season approaches, the streamers who played the game during the original Chapter 1, kickstarting their careers, have started preparing for the upcoming mini-season.

Epic Games recently confirmed that Fortnite would be returning to Chapter 1 maps and seasonal content this Friday. While leakers have shown us that the mini-season, called Fortnite: Where We Droppin’, will cover five seasons, all streamers seem to care about is hooking back up with their original teammates. They want to hop back into the Battle Bus, drop onto the map, and cause classic havoc together.

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Original Fortnite Streamers are Setting Themselves up For the Throwback to Chapter 1 Season

Streamers such as Ninja, Courage, and DrLupo all received giant Fortnite Chapter 1 location signs last week. Now, these content creators and others are meeting up or talking about getting back together for Friday’s big return to Fortnite Chapter 1.

POACH posted a picture of his squad, adding that he hasn’t played since 2020 but is still excited to dive in. Every new season in Fortnite feels magic, but there’s electricity around this return to Chapter 1 that has everyone, no matter how big a streamer or celebrity they are, excited.

Not every streamer is bringing back their team, though. Myth posted that he’ll be in the solo queue. At least it’ll give casual fans a chance to team up with fantastic players and maybe even interact with them as all players come together to celebrate the game they love.

Fortnite: Where We Droppin’ is said to be a five-week event that will take players on a tour of the last five seasons of Fortnite Chapter 1. Each week, the game will move to a new map thanks to the time machine currently in the Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 map. Epic Games is pushing the event hard by sending content creators packs with items to represent each season.

The fact that every Fortnite fan, from the biggest names in the game to casuals and newcomers, is excited about this event shows it’s going to be big. There are high hopes for remixed Fortnite skins from all five seasons and something fresh to go with the old. There are only four days left to wait until fans get to see it for themselves.