How does Horde Rush mode work in Fortnite? Answered

Fight back against the horde.

Image via Epic Games

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Fortnite has kicked off its Halloween celebration with its annual Fortnitemares event, and with it comes some treats for players to enjoy. There are new themed quests and challenges to complete, skins and cosmetic items to buy and unlock, and the return of a highly loved game mode Horde Rush Mode, though this time it’s got a bit of a twist. Newer or lapsed players may be wondering, what is Horde Rush Mode? This guide will answer that and give you all the details on this limited-time mode you can jump in and enjoy.

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What is Horde Rush Mode?

Horde Rush Mode is a completely co-op game mode in Fortnite similar to the game’s original Save The World PVE experience, where players take on hordes of enemies as they defend their positioning in the moving storm. In this mode, players are dropped into the map and have 150 seconds to loot the area for equipment and make their way to a specific point of interest. Once the round starts, players will need to defend themselves until the round ends.

After the first round, the storm will move and force players to follow it, and in some cases continue to fight off hordes of enemies while they are on the move. The storm will usually move toward another point of Interest, and you will have a chance to regroup and loot ammo briefly during these moments.

This mode isn’t for the faint of heart and provides quite a challenge for those who fancy taking it on. There are a variety of enemy types to deal with and with each round, enemies get stronger, and the amount you need to fight will increase. If you can survive to the final round, you’ll face off against a giant boss with a huge amount of health that you’ll need to fight while also dealing with a shrinking storm circle and the hordes of enemies. On top of all that, this mode is a no-build mode, meaning players will need to rely on each other, their gear, and smart defensive positions in order to survive this challenging mode.

This mode comes at the same time as the Fortnitemares 2022 event begins, bringing with it a new weapon that turns you into a werewolf, new skins, and cosmetics to earn, plus a bunch of Halloween-themed items. The event last until November 1, but Horde Rush Mode will be sticking around a while longer after the event. It’ll be available until November 15.