Forza Horizon 4: Tips and tricks to complete the Super7 event quickly

Need some help getting through the Super7?

On December 8, the Super7 event went live for Forza Horizon 4. The event doesn’t feature actual races but rather challenges that are made by community members. Some of these challenges, however, might seem a bit difficult, which could, in turn, give you some trouble with completing seven events. If you’re struggling with the Super7 or just want to blaze through it with ease, here are some tips that you should keep in mind.

Use the Rewind function

Most likely, you will come across a user-created challenge that will have a crazy jump, one that will drive you crazy. In other instances, you may encounter having to thread the needle and drive through a tight obstacle. While you can re-start the challenge should you mess up, a quicker method that can be used to re-trace (or rather, re-do) your steps is to use the Rewind function. To rewind, simply press Y to move back in time and re-do the portion of the challenge that is giving you trouble.

But, if you decide that you want to completely re-start the challenge, a different option is on the table. That option is to…

Take a detour

Unless the particular challenge has checkpoints, you don’t need to take the recommended route and go through some treacherous stunts. Rather, you can cut around the obstacles to avoid any potential pitfalls. This method is not a bad option at all, as once you make a turn and leave the recommended path on the course, the map will reset with updated routes. Considering that, choosing a different path, or leaving the road altogether and making your own path on the fly can get you through a difficult challenge.

If this tip doesn’t help you get through a challenge, there is one more option that’s on the table. That option is to ditch it completely.

Burn the current challenge card

If you are struggling with a particular challenge, you can choose to burn and discard the current card. To do this, go to the Horizon Super7 Progress screen, highlight the one you want to get rid of, and hit RB. This will give you the option to burn the card, and a new one will take its place. You can also press Y at the Horizon Super7 Progress screen to access the Challenge options. This will allow you to enter a share code should you see an easy challenge on social media and know the number for that particular competition.