Forza Horizon 4: How to get the 1968 Pontiac Firebird

Cruise through the UK with a new Firebird.

It’s Spring in Forza Horizon 4, and this week, drivers have a chance to unlock a brand new car in the game. This week, players will get a crack at a 1968 Pontiac Firebird, and the good news for drivers is that this vehicle shouldn’t be too hard to get. Here’s how you can get your hands on the 1968 Firebird.

How to get the 1968 Firebird

To get the 1968 Pontiac Firebird, you will need to enter the Phoenix from the Ashes Road Racing Series event. The event can be found on the western side of the map, to the northwest of the Horizon Festival Site.

Screenshot by Gamepur

To qualify for the event, players will enter with a B-class car classified as a Classic Muscle car. Once you enter the event, you will need to finish first in cumulative points after three races. Our advice is to roll with an AWD ride that has a setup at or close to 700. This should give you an advantage heading into the circuit.

Do all that, and you will be able to unlock the 1968 Firebird. This challenge shouldn’t be daunting, considering that you will only need to enter one event instead of multiple circuits to get to 50% or 80%.

This challenge is slated to expire on May 6.