Forza Horizon 4 Series 32 Week 2 (Autumn): How to unlock all cars

A new week of events, and some new cars to boot.

It’s a new week in Forza Horizon 4, and that means that there are new cars available to players, including the 5 Turbo FE and Mini JCW Buggy, are up for grabs. So, how do you acquire the cars that can be unlocked this week? Let’s go over what you’ll need to do.

How to unlock all cars from Series 32 Week 2

5 Turbo FE

To get the 5 Turbo FE, drivers will need to enter The Trial. In The Trial, drivers will be paired with other players in an attempt to take down Drivatars. However, players will need to come in first with their team after the three-race event to unlock the 5 Turbo FE.

Mini JCW Buggy

To pick up the Mini JCW Buggy, make sure to enter and complete the circuit in the Playground Autumn Games. Once you’ve completed the Playground Games Event, you’ll get your hands on the JCW Buggy, which could come in handy for this week’s Photo Challenge.

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Ford Racing Puma

To get the Ford Racing Puma, drivers will need to compete in the North City Cross Country Circuit. This Seasonal Championship can be found on the west side of Edinburgh.

This event requires players to enter with a B class car, and one that is a Modern Rally car. Finish in first after three races, and you’ll get the Ford Racing Puma. Keep in mind, though, that the difficulty will need to be set at either Highly Skilled or higher.

Fiat Dino

To get the Fiat Dino, enter the Derwent Reservoir Spring, which can be found on the western side of the map. The Road Racing event is to the north of the Horizon Festival site.

Drivers will need a D class Classic Sport Car for this event. Like with the Ford Racing Puma, the difficulty will need to be set to Highly Skilled or higher.

Reventon FE

For the Reventon FE, drivers will need to enter the Cotswolds Super Sprint Road Racing event. This event can be found on the southwest part of the map, to the south of the Horizon Festival site.

Much like with the Puma and Dino, players will need to finish first in cumulative points after three races to complete this event and get the FE. And, make sure to set the difficulty to Highly Skilled or higher.

#2 Ford GT40

This car is arguably the toughest to acquire from this week’s events. In order to get this challenge, drivers will need to complete 80% of the weekly events. If you don’t know how the percentage breakdown works in Forza, here’s a look at what events you should look to accomplish this week:

  • 3 Season Events
  • 2 Monthly Events
  • 3 PR Stunts
  • 1 Playground Games
  • 1 The Trial
  • Weekly Photo Challenge
  • At least 2 Daily #FORZATHON Challenges

Some helpful hints for this one. Make sure to race both in the open world, and get your Season Events in. Doing so can help accomplish those Daily #FORZATHON Challenges, which at the end of days, adds up in the total percentage.

Also, make sure to use either an S2 or X class car for the PR Stunts. Players will need plenty of speed and air to get those done, and those classes can get you going pretty fast.