Forza Horizon 5: How to complete the Jungle Expedition and all optional objectives

Head to the airport, sort of.

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In Forza Horizon 5, there are a number of different expeditions. Each one has its own unique set of objectives. One such event is the Jungle Expedition, which needs to be completed in order to unlock the Horizon Wilds outpost and subsequent chapters. Here’s what you need to do in order to complete the expedition, plus the optional challenges.

To start the expedition, head up to the north, towards the Horizon Festival Mexico site. The Jungle Expedition challenge can be found here.

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Once you start, make sure to drive up to the destinations. And, follow the blue driving assist trail lines. Do this, and you will arrive at the Aerodromo en La Selva.

You will then be able to complete five additional optional objectives. Here’s what you need to do in order to get all five done:

Discover the lost barn find notes

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When you begin the optional objectives portion, you will notice you placed right near a hanger with a plane. Drive to the hanger, and you will want to look for a pink chest with an A on it. Smash it with your car, and a new barn find rumor will be uncovered. This barn find is right in the area that this expedition takes place.

Find Ramiro’s plane recorder

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Once you have finished the first objective, exit the hanger and head north. You will want to head the white B750K plane that has one wing tipped down to the ground, while the other is in the air. Use the wing that’s on the ground to drive up the body of the plane, and smash the chest that is on the other wing

Find Ramiro’s pilot outfit

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This objective is arguably the most difficult one of this quest. Head to the north and west of the B750K plane from the second challenge, towards an deserted building with crates. On top of the green and white ‘Extravaganza’ crate is a chest containing Ramiro’s plot outfit.

To destroy this crate, head north and slightly to the east. You should see a series of additional crates, and a broken plane wing right next to those crates. The wing is right outside of the structure.

You will need to drive up and on the wing, go up in the air, and hit the set of crates. This can be done by backing up a couple of yards to gain speed, and go forth. Be mindful, though, that you don’t want to go too fast. Otherwise, you will fall off of these crates. You don’t want to do that.

Once you have landed on the crates, make sure to have stopped. While on the set of crates, back up and line your Jeep up with the crate that has the chest on top of it. Get a little bit of speed, and jump off the crates. You should land on the ‘Extravaganza’ crate, and destroy the chest.

Find Ramiro’s pilot helmet

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The next challenge involves destroying yet another pink chest. Go north from the structure that had the last challenge, until you reach a similar looking one on the other side of the map. Here is a bunch of crates, with a chest on top. You will want to go to the other side of the crates.

There is a ramp on the other side. You will want to use the ramp to jump into the air, and on the crates to destroy the chest. Make sure to back up a good amount to gain speed and air.

Discover’s Ramiro’s rainy day fund

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For the last challenge, you will have to, as you might have guessed, break another crate. Go to the west of the building from the last challenge, and head to the structure right near it. Here, is yet another chest on top of a crate.

At the back of the structure is a ramp. Back up, and drive up the ramp until you hit the top of the crates that are next to the one with the chest. The crates are rubbed up against each other for this challenge, so this one shouldn’t be as hard as the pilot outfit one.

Regardless of whether you do or skip the objectives, follow the blue driving assist trail line until you get to the end. Here, you will drop off Rami at the end of the runway. Then, follow the blue line and race the opposing vehicle. This should allow you to complete the other objectives and complete the expedition.