Forza Horizon 5: How to get to Hammer Mountain in the Hot Wheels Park DLC

Watch out for the dragon.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Hot Wheels Park DLC of Forza Horizon 5 certainly has some unique landmarks, and one of those is Hammer Mountain. This mountain can catch players off guard, especially if one doesn’t look out for the dragon that calls Hammer Mountain home. This area is important for completing Missions, but how exactly can you find Hammer Mountain in Forza Horizon 5? Let’s go over where it can be found in the Hot Wheels Park DLC.

How to get to Hammer Mountain in Forza Horizon 5

As mentioned previously, Hammer Mountain has one of the more unique looks that can be found in Hot Wheels Park. That’s because Hammer Mountain is adorned with a large, green dragon that sticks out of its side.

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So, where’s Hammer Mountain? Well, first make your way towards the Giant’s Canyon. Giant’s Canyon is filled with high elevation points, making it fitting that a mountain would be found here.

Hammer Mountain can be found in the southeastern part of Giant’s Canyon. Here’s what it can be found on the map, and make sure to be on the lookout for the green dragon; it can be used as an identifying point:

Screenshot by Gamepur

This area of the map is pivotal for the Rookie Rank of the Hot Wheels Academy. In the Rookie Rank, there is a mission that asks users to drive from the Hot Wheels Home outpost, found in the middle of the map, to Hammer Mountain with a B Class vehicle in under three minutes and 15 seconds. If you need to get this done, just mark the destination with A, put the pedal to the medal, and follow the trail if you have the assist line active.