Destiny – All Gambit Prime Armor Perks

Destiny 2

The Season of the Drifter has started in Destiny 2. This means the new Gambit Prime game mode, and also the new Gambit Prime armor perks! In this guide we will run through all four roles in the game mode, and the advantages of running a full set of this armor when you play.

Gambit Prime Armor Perks

Gambit Prime Armor

Gambit Prime introduces a new version of Gambit, one that requires focused roles to really succeed. These are the Reaper, the Sentry, the Collector, and the Invader. You can collect four full sets of armor that will help with each role, all of which convey special perks.

One thing I have to praise Bungie for, is that they have taken great care to create different armor coloring depending on your color blind options. It is obvious that being able to quickly tell the roles apart is very important, and it is good to see they anticipated this need.

The Reaper

The Reaper armor is green, and will give you perks that help when killing enemies, from normal ads to the tougher yellow bars.

  • Weaken high-value targets
  • Generate special ammo on multi-kills
  • Motes will remain on the ground longer
  • Killing powerful enemies will recharge your grenade

The Sentry

The Sentry armor is yellow, and will help you to counter invaders and protect your mote bank.

  • Killing multiple enemies will buff your damage against Taken
  • The bank gives health regeneration
  • Invaders are marked for allies
  • Allies in the Well of Light are buffed

The Collector

The Collector set is white, and will help players collect motes and send blockers to hinder your opponents.

  • When you die, motes will drop instead of being instantly lost
  • Motes give you an overshield
  • Depositing motes will give you ammo
  • You can hold up to 20 motes, and send a Giant Blocker

The Invader

The Invader set is red, and will help you hunt your fellow Guardians on the other team.

  • Generate ammo while invading
  • Invasion overshield is buffed
  • Killing enemy Guardians buffs your damage
  • Lock down and drain motes while you are invading

That covers all the buffs and perks you can get from your Gambit Prime armor. We are hard at work figuring out the best way to gather up all the armor pieces. We know that you need to play Gambit Prime to earn Synths, then use those in the new Reckoning Mode to unlock your armor! As soon as we have all the details, you know we will do up a guide to help you all out.

Best of luck in the new Gambit Prime mode, and keep an eye on the Drifter, he is clearly up to something!