Gaming Gift Guide: The best gaming gifts for her in 2022

Were you expecting something with more pink?

Animal Crossing christmas decoration

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Women are strong, beautiful, and brilliant, and it only makes sense to get her the gifts this holiday season that complement the undercurrent of wonder for that lady in your life. Whether she’s a close friend, a sister, or a significant other, finding the right gaming gifts this season can be a headache among a seemingly endless amount of chaff and static that accumulates through online advertisements. Ease your mind, we’re making it simple: here are the best gaming gifts for her in 2022.

Feltree Space Heater

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It’s a thoughtful gift that no one would consider — this small hand warmer sits on the desk at a distance from the keyboard to keep her hands warm for late-night grinds, in both work and in play. In the colder winter months, getting decent circulation to keep the finger warm enough to keep that APM high is a difficult endeavor, at least without cooking everyone else in the home. With this, she can grind no matter the temperature — don’t be surprised to see it getting pulled out every winter.

Arctis Nova Pro Wireless

Image via SteelSeries

Whether she’s still working from home or listening to the Raid Leader once again explain the mechanics for the upcoming boss fight, let her chat in comfort. The Arctis Nova Pro Wireless is one of the pricier gaming headset options available, but is well worth the price. With dual inputs for PC and console, Bluetooth connectivity to make phone calls a hassle-free experience, and active noise-canceling for busy places such as airports, the Arctis Nova Pro Wireless is a masterpiece of hardware. Hot-swappable batteries means that you’re never tethered to a single place with a cord, and a hefty range makes them usable across the entire house.

The suite of functionality does invoke a learning curve, which may be strange for what many would consider a simple headset, but learning to maximize the value of these is well worth the investment. They’re light, offer sound quality just short of audiophile-level, and transmit voice wonderfully clear. The added bonus of SteelSeries Sonar application, which is used in conjunction with the SteelSeries headset line, will give her an added edge in FPS such as Counter-Strike and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. This headset works with the PlayStation, PC, Mac, and Nintendo Switch.

Fnatic Streak65

Image via fnatic

The Fnatic Streak65 is widely considered to be the best compact keyboard on the market, bar none. Perfect for any game other than MMOs such as World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy 14, this tidy keyboard offers the fastest activation with a singular 1mm travel distance. This brings up the typing speed, and makes in-game reflexes just a little bit faster to help trounce the competition. She’ll appreciate the additional desk space this keyboard affords, and its compact size is perfect for gamers with smaller hands.

The downside is that you’re dropping single-use Function keys along with the additional number pad on the right side, to save as much space as possible. Once they feel the ergonomics of the Streak65, however, they won’t care what they’re missing as long as it isn’t the enemy. There is RGB lighting, which can be a make-or-break factor for many, but it can be mostly muted (or turned up) for user preference.

Xtrfy M42 RGB Ultra Light Gaming Mouse

Image via Amazon

For consoles, it’s straightforward: the best controllers tend to be the first-party controllers. It isn’t so clear cut with PC gamers, with an absurd number of accessories and peripherals to sort through. We recommend the Xtrfy M42 for women specifically due to its size and weight matching smaller hands. Most mice on the market seem to be measured and bespoke for the adult male, which could make it difficult to reliably use all functions in times of pressure.

This can turn into misfires and desk pops at the worst possible time. The Xrtfy M42 is a small, lightweight mouse that can be adjusted depending on the user needs, with two sizes offered thanks to its modular shell. It doesn’t back away from some impressive specs, including up to 16K DPI at an impressively meager 2.08 oz.

Blanket with sleeves

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Getting cozy is nice — getting cozy while still able to frag is ideal. Blankets with sleeves will let her cozy into the long night, while not dropping her Nintendo Switch or stop clicking on heads. It can be used across the house, for a myriad of activities, but staying warm while gaming is a perfect way to spend any night. Make sure that you’re purchasing a reliable brand that is machine washable, and get them as large and thick as possible.

Nintendo Switch

Image via Nintendo

If they aren’t the most eager gamer, the Nintendo Switch may be the perfect option. It can function in both mobile and static configurations and has a massive library of titles that range from the fierce battles of Bayonetta 3 to the laid-back atmosphere of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Nintendo has historically done well in catering to a large group of gamers, but don’t make the mistake of picking the most feminine titles possible — Diablo 3 is a massive success for the demographic.

Animal Crossing Plushies

Image via Play Asia

Anyone who has played the Animal Crossing franchise has preferred characters, occasionally to the point that they’ll reroll their village until one of their favorites show up. Never underestimate the ability of an Animal Crossing fan to become obsessively attached to an anthropomorphic animal. Play Asia stocks these official plushy figures, but they’re difficult to grab due to the international fervor behind them.