Gears 5: How To Change Your Character


You can modify what character you’re playing in various modes in Gears 5. You can even change what character you’re going to play as in the Gears 5 campaign mode, which is quite a bit of fun. There are some constraints in each mode, though, and you may run into limited options. Here’s a break down of what you need to do for each mode.

How to Change Your Character in Gears 5

Campaign Mode

When you’re in the campaign mode, you’re going to need to play as a specific character based on the section of the story you’re on, though this only occurs when you’re playing with another player. If you’re going through the main story solo, you have to play a particular character. They do change, though. You’re going to move around as the main protagonists, which is fun. However, when you’re playing with a friend or two, they’re all going to get options. For those looking to play as a different character, see if you can’t grab a friend to hop on to join you.

Escape, Versus, and Horde

For the Escape and Horde modes, you’re going to pick the difficulty you want to play on before you pick your character. There are eight different ones to choose from, so make sure you’re ready to handle whatever challenges you want to face. When you’ve made your decision, you’re going to get the chance to change characters by pressing the “Select Characters,” button, which is “C” for mouse and keyboard, and “X” for those using a controller. Unlike Escape and Horde, in Versus you’re going to pick the type of multiplayer five-versus-five mode you want to go into.

You do not get to pick what character you want to play as before looking for a match, in every multiplayer mode. You might have to act quickly before getting paired with others.

Customize Your Characters

If players want to modify the characters they’re playing as before they jump into the game, they can do so by clicking the middle icon on the main menu. For mouse and keyboard players, you’re going to need to click the, “2,” and for those on controllers you’re going to need to click the “Menu Button.” Go to the “Customize,” option, and you can customize the characters for each mode, the weapons they’re going to be carrying, the mark icon you’re going to place over the top of enemies when you call them out to your teammates.