Gears 5 Character Unlock Guide


There are a handful of new characters available in Gears 5, and they’re available right now. Players are going to have the opportunity to grab these characters through two different members. The Coalition says, if players want to go about getting these characters the hard way, it’s going to take ten hours each of playing the game. That’s not too bad, especially for those who love to play the game.

Here are the six new characters over here for you to view and check out.

Character Unlocks for Gears 5

Using Iron

The most straightforward method for getting these characters is to pay for them. All of them are worth 500 iron, which equates to around $4.99. For players who may not have the time to play the game or get any of the objectives taken care of, this is the best route to take. Some players may have been earning iron from playing the game and completing the weekly challenges since the game launched. Now is the perfect opportunity to use any iron you’ve built up to grab your favorite new character.

Playing the Game and Completing Totems

Gears 5 is getting a character to unlock through a new system using totems. Players are going to equip these specific totems to cater to a particular character they’re going to be after. There are only four right now: COG Gears, DeeBee, the Warden, and General RAAM. Each totem is going to have five objectives attached to it. Every totem contains the first four objectives, but then there’s a fifth explicitly tied to the unique character.

Here are the four objectives, the unique one for each of the four characters:

General Objectives for the Totems:
  • XP: Earn 60,000 XP in Versus, Horde or Escape
  • Versus: Complete 40 Rounds of Versus
  • Horde: Survive 50 Waves of Horde (does not need to be in one match) – any difficulty
  • Escape: Survive 18 Acts of Escape – any difficulty
Special Objectives for the Characters of the Totem:
  • COG Gear: Get 200 assists as a COG Team character in Versus, Horde or Escape
  • DeeBee: Get 100 Reject kills in Horde or Escape
  • Warden: Eliminate 10 Wardens in Horde or Escape
  • General RAAM: Execute 30 COG characters as a Swarm character

Players are only able to carry one totem at a time. When they’re carrying a specific character totem, the objective numbers do not carry over to another totem. During future events, players have the chance to unlock unique skins and look for characters. However, they won’t be available unless a player has unlocked that particular character. If you want to make sure you can use every skin you unlock, go through the totems as quickly as possible.

Good luck with Gears 5.