Gears 5: How to Kill Kraken Boss Fight


For those who thought the baddies in Gears of War were not going to get any bigger, you can thank the developers, The Coalition, for giving you more. The boss battle against the Kraken is incredible, as this massive Swarm creature attempts to devour you and your teammates. Here’s the best way to go about taking down this unimaginable foe before it kills you all.

How to Kill Kraken Boss Fight in Gears 5

First Part

When you engage the Kraken for the final boss fight, it’s going to be chasing you down the street while Fahz is driving the vehicle. You’re going to have ammunition available to you in the vehicle, so grab it when you can. You’re going to encounter a brief cut scene, the Kraken is going to eject from the ground, and then you’re going to arrive at a small platform with a bunch of COG soldiers, and some cover. Find some cover, and wait for a moment. You want to watch for when the Kraken releases its tongue.

When the tongue comes out, it’s going to have the distinct, weak spot glow to it all of the big baddies of the Swarm have on them. Fire at these when you have the chance as they’re going to pop, damaging the creature. However, if you’re not quick enough to destroy these lashing tongues, they’re going to grab one of your teammates, or worse, you. Protect your teammates and fire at the tongue, preventing them from becoming the Kraken’s next meal, and damaging the massive foe.

You’re likely going to see a massive swarm of leeches coming out from the back of the Kraken’s head. When they arrive, start firing at them, as the Kraken isn’t likely to lash out with its tongue. The more you fire at it, the less you’re going to fight on the ground when they land. Shoot at them quickly, as they can quickly swarm and heavily damage you.

Second Part

The second phase of the fight is when Baird calls over the comm that you now have access to a pair of railguns. They’re located to the left of your current position. Rush over to it and realign the gun and fire it at the creature. When you’re running over there, you’re going to encounter a few leeches from the swarm you were shooting at earlier. Take them out quickly, or they’re going to make realigning the gun a huge problem.

When you realign the railgun, you’re going to get a quick cutscene of the weapon getting fired directly into the Kraken’s horn.

Shortly after, it’s going to start sucking in you and your teammates, pulling you towards its gaping jaw. You want to fire at the back of the creature’s mouth, once again, where it’s going. Once you’ve shot these section enough times, it’ll stop pulling you in, and you continue the fight. Unfortunately, when it pulls you in it’s going to destroy small sections of debris you could have used for cover.

Third Part

After you’ve survived the first railgun shot, and the creature attempting to pull you in, you’re back to fighting off the tongues. It’s going to work similarly to the first part of the fight, where you want to shoot at them where they’re glowing. If any of your teammates get pulled in, go to those tongues to release them and get them free.

Much like the previous part, you’re going to rush to the railgun after it’s finished loading up again. Run over to it, realign the weapon, and fire at the creature’s horn.

After this, you’re going to watch a gut-wrenching cut scene, and you’re going to see the end of the Kraken.