How To Play Halo Characters in Gears 5


Gears 5 is going to introduce plenty of new multiplayer mechanics to their vast online platform. Players are going to get the chance to try out a new format of Horde mode, the strategic vs. mode, and a brand new unlock called Escape. However, players are also going to have the chance to check out the new characters they can play as, and there’s a whole cast of additional characters coming to the game. Among them are Halo Reach’s Spartan Noble Team members, Emile-A239 and Kat-B320. Here’s how you can play these characters when Gears 5 launches.

Playing As Halo Characters in Gears 5

Character Pack

The Halo Reach characters are going to be available in a character pack for Gears 5. The character pack is going to include Emile and Kat, among several cosmetic choices for players to put on their profile based around the iconic game. To acquire the character pack, you can grab it by pre-ordering the Ultimate Edition for Gears 5 or grabbing the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate edition from the Microsoft store.

Both options are going to get you the same pack. With it, you can freely play as either character in the multiplayer mode. These characters are not simple reskins of existing characters, however. They’re going to have an array of abilities and ultimates exclusive for them to use during the Horde mode. Additionally, the original voice cast for the two characters are returning to reprise their role, adding a new range of dialogue for the pair. You can hear them grunt, scream, and yell in angry as they fight against the Locust Horde.

Emile and Kat are going to have their progression tree in the Horde mode, giving them access to different abilities and playstyles. Despite being DLC characters, they’re going to have an array of customizable options for players interested in finding what fits them best.

You can play Gears 5 when it releases on Sept. 10 for the Xbox One and the PC. However, for those who pre-order the Ultimate Edition or get the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate edition from the Microsoft are going to have access to the game on Sept. 6, four days before it officially releases.