Gears 5: How to Use the New Perfect Reload


On the top right section of your screen in Gears 5, there’s a distinct little timer right next to the ammo section of whatever weapon you’re holding. You’re going to see it flashing empty when you use a perfect reload, and it fills back up after a short amount of time. What does it do, and what does it mean? Here’s a break down regarding the changes to the perfect reload mechanic in Gears 5.

How To Use the New Perfect Reload Timer in Gears 5

Initially, players wanted to reload their weapon right before a gunfight in Gears of War because their weapon was going to dish out more damage if they landed a perfect reload. The perfect reload varied for each firearm. This mechanic has been in the franchise from the beginning. However, this time around, there’s a small indicator next to the weapon. When players land a perfect reload, this bar is going to start flashing and slowly rise back up. This indicator stands the amount of time you have until you can perform another perfect reload.

In previous installments of Gears of War, you had to wait for your weapon to fire a few shots and have empty rounds in your clip. When you reload, whatever was missing wound return as this stronger ammunition, but your entire clip didn’t change out. That changes in Gears 5.

Now, before any engagement, you can choose to hit a perfect reload and have your entire clip filled with this stronger ammunition. You won’t have to wait to have fired the whole clip to receive it. You’ll have the chance to do it as many times as you want to before any fight, so long as that indicator is full and it’s no flashing. If it is, you’re going to want to wait. The cooldown on it is relatively short, though, so you won’t don’t need to worry about it too often.