Genshin Impact: All Anemo Characters Ranked

Here are the Anemo characters in Genshin Impact ranked.

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Genshin Impact’s characters are divided into a certain element, and each character therein has a varying degree of usefulness. It’s great to have characters from different elements to diversify your teams and your elemental reactions, so it’s important to know which characters from each element are worth it.

The Anemo element in Genshin Impact is mostly a supportive element, with only one main DPS character with this element. However, Anemo characters largely rank as some of the most influential in the game, due to their ability to displace enemies, deal tons of supportive damage, and help increase the DPS of other characters.

In that sense, Anemo is arguably the best element in the game. True to that sentiment, there aren’t really any bad Anemo characters in the game. Here are all the Anemo characters in Genshin Impact ranked from least useful to most impactful:


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The Anemo Traveler is unfortunately the worst Anemo character in the game. He can deal a respectable amount of damage, but other Anemo characters can deal more damage while accomplishing the same things Traveler does.

You should only use this character if you lack a character with suitable crowd control, like Sucrose, Kazuha, or Venti. Traveler has a niche use as support for other Anemo characters, as he can reduce Anemo RES on enemies by 20%, but this still isn’t enough most of the time.


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From this point, all of these Anemo characters are perfectly strong and usable. Sayu being this low on the list doesn’t mean she is bad she’s a great sub-DPS and healer. Unfortunately, she only exists as a budget Jean.

Sayu can deal lots of damage while healing, which is essentially Jean’s shtick. Stick to Jean if you have her unless you really like Sayu’s character.


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Jean is a powerful nuker and healer but lacks a little bit of the utility that other supports in the game have. That said, she’s stronger than other strict healers in the game due to her high potential damage and cleanses with her Elemental Burst. She can even abuse fall damage on tanky enemies with her Elemental Skill.

Her support capabilities increase as you obtain more Constellations, but this makes her an expensive character as a five-star. That being said, she has the potential to increase Attack Speed, Movement Speed, Anemo Damage, and even reduce incoming damage.


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Sucrose has a similar role to Kazuha, having respectable amounts of crowd control and increasing team damage. While Kazuha directly increases Elemental Damage, Sucrose shares Elemental Mastery which increases the damage of your Elemental Reactions.

Kazuha edges in front of Sucrose with higher individual damage, improved crowd-control, and being generally easier to play. That being said, he’s not astronomically stronger than Sucrose. Sucrose is an important character to have.


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Xiao is a strong five-star main DPS character who deals tons of AoE damage. He’s also super fun to play, with his Elemental Burst increasing his plunge damage tremendously.

He’s somewhat weaker than other main DPS characters at low constellations due to the lack of Elemental Reactions. As a pure Anemo DPS, he has to rely on raw numbers. His numbers are plenty strong, and Xiao is an excellent pick as a carry.


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Venti is notorious for his Elemental Burst trivializing many fights, due to the massive crowd control it has. While certain fights may appreciate a Venti, more and more enemies are becoming resistant to his Elemental Burst.

As enemies continue to resist Crowd Control, Venti begins to lose some value, and we’ve seen that happen as Kazuha eclipses Venti in fights. Venti is still extremely strong, however.


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Kazuha is an incredible all-in-one package of damage, team support, and crowd control. His passive allows you to increase team damage as you swirl elements, and his Elemental Skill brings tons of crowd-control.

Additionally, he deals lots of damage, with his Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst contributing tons of damage to the team. Kazuha will always shine as a support, and will likely never become bad due to his design. Not only is he extremely strong, but he’s future-proof, and you should pull him the next chance you get.