Genshin Impact: All Geo characters ranked

They are ranked from least useful to greatest impact.

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Genshin Impact’s characters are divided into a certain element, and each character has a varying degree of usefulness. It’s great to have characters from different elements to diversify your teams and your elemental reactions, so it’s important to know which characters from each element are worth it.

The Geo element in Genshin Impact is unique, not synergizing completely well with others because Geo only has one Elemental Reaction: Crystallize. When you trigger this reaction, a shard will drop corresponding to the element you infused. For example, Geo + Pyro will drop a Pyro shard, while Geo + Hydro will drop a Hydro shard. Picking up these shards will drop a shield that blocks damage from that respective element.

The Geo element tends to be very supportive. There aren’t many Geo characters in the game right now, and the ones Genshin does have are mostly support characters or sub-DPS. Still, Geo is not a bad element by any means, especially if you can pair two of them together.

Here are all of the Genshin Impact Geo characters ranked, from least useful to greatest impact.


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The Geo Traveler is not a terrible support unit. He can deal lots of damage with his Elemental Skill and Burst, and he even has some support capabilities (his Burst will provide Crit Rate). Due to strong Geo particle generation, he’s also a good way to charge Elemental Bursts for other Geo characters.

The Traveler tends to be underrated, but there are still better options for your team if you need a Geo character. However, his damage shouldn’t be underlooked, and he can fit your team if you build them correctly.


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Noelle can be a strong main DPS carry, but she’s quite expensive to build. Her Constellation 6 converts half of her DEF to ATK, making her do lots of damage at high investment. As a result, if Constellation 6 were her base form, Noelle would likely be higher on this list. She’s also very tanky, with a combo of shields and heals from her kit.

Unfortunately, a lot of her usability is gated behind a high constellation. Anything below that, and Noelle is a subpar shielder and healer. Her potential is strong, but it might cost you a bit.


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Ningguang is a strong main DPS or sub-DPS who plays well with other Geo units. However, as a four-star DPS, her damage does not compete with many of the five-star main DPS characters out there.

She has some flexibility as a Geo battery, able to charge up other Geo bursts well. Due to her flexibility, she’s a little stronger than Noelle in most cases, as you don’t need high constellations to perform well with Ningguang.


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Albedo is a niche unit but is a solid sub-DPS character for teams that suit him. Albedo synergizes particularly well with Geo characters like Zhongli and Ningguang.

He has a small niche in reaction teams, as he can boost Elemental Mastery for the team. Otherwise, it’s probably better to swap out Albedo in a reaction team. Albedo can also be strong in teams that don’t rely on reactions, such as a Xiao team.


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Zhongli is the undisputed best Geo character in Genshin Impact, providing a huge safety net for all your teams. His shield is unparalleled, blocking extremely high amounts of damage and even negating the need for a healer in some cases. His crowd control with his Elemental Burst is a nice bonus.

There are some teams where you wouldn’t want to bring Zhongli, however. A freeze team, for example, would not appreciate a Zhongli. Otherwise, Zhongli is a very stable unit that can fit almost anywhere.