Genshin Impact Beginners Guide: Tips & Tricks To Navigating Teyvat

Genshin Impact beginners don’t know what they don’t know. Follow these tips and tricks to know the best way to navigate Teyvat.

Genshin Impact Traveler

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Genshin Impact is a huge game that is more complex than it seems. If players are picking it up for the first time, there will be a learning curve and possible long-term struggles if they don’t know what they are doing.

More players are continuing to give Genshin Impact a shot as the game becomes more popular. If they are unfamiliar with the game’s structure, they can get lost and struggle to progress. Here are some tips and tricks to navigating Teyvat I wish I had known and some I was thankfully given when I first started playing.

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Don’t Choose Characters Based on Aesthetics

Genshin Impact characters
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The first thing I was told when I decided to play Genshin Impact was from a friend who said, “Don’t choose characters to be part of your team based on aesthetics.” No matter how much you like a character, the best strategy is to find characters whose talents and abilities have a high synergy with each other.

Each character will be assigned an element and have abilities that will determine if they are a Main DPS, a support, or a healer. Having a team of healers because they are all pretty is going to leave you unable to do much of anything. Likewise, have a team of tanks in your party, and you’ll be dying faster than a fish on land.

Elements will have different effects when combined. Use a Hydro user with a Cyro user and players freezing enemies in their tracks. Knowing what elements work well together will help determine who ends up on a player’s team.

Artifacts and Weapons

Genshin Impact artifacts
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Artifacts and weapons are more complex in Genshin Impact than the average RPG. There are over 40 sets of artifacts available, and each set has 5 types of artifacts, each having a different role and providing different stats. Combine this with the different weapons, their stats, and the overall gameplay of each character, and players have a ton of combinations to sift through to find the right one for their play style.

The best place to start is knowing the character’s abilities and gameplay to determine what kind of artifacts will pair well with them. When players get farther in the game and can start farming for artifacts, looking up character builds to get an idea of what players will need helps them in the long run, making fewer trial-and-error guesses. Weapons work in the same way as artifacts. 

Leveling Systems and Leveling Quickly

Genshin Impact leveling
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New players need to be aware of a few leveling systems in Genshin Impact. The different leveling systems are the following.

  • Leveling the Character
  • Leveling the Player’s Adventure Rank
  • Leveling Artifacts and Weapons
  • Leveling Archon Statues

Each leveling system requires different materials to collect and use except the Adventure Rank. Players should pick up everything they see to have plenty of materials. Each system also has an ascension level where the level cap is increased. This usually requires items that are specialized to each character, artifact, or weapon. Adventure Rank will level up with each chest opened, quest completed, and waypoint unlocked. If the player is doing things in the world, their Adventure Rank will increase.

The fastest way to level everything up is to explore the world of Teyvat, complete all types of quests, and collect as many items as possible.

Archon Statues are leveled up based on crystals that can be found in each region. Every region has its crystals for the seven Archons, and each separate region will need to be leveled up.

Archon Statues

Genshin Impact Archon statue
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The Archon Statues in Genshin Impact have a few functions. They act as a waypoint to fast travel, they can increase a player’s stamina, and they can revive and heal characters for no cost. These work great as healing points for in-between quests, domains, and boss fights.

I did not realize Archon Statues did this until I accidentally clicked on Statues Blessing, and suddenly, I could heal my entire party. I’ve used the Archon statues more than I’ve used cooking items because they are so easy to get to, and there are plenty of waypoints to travel back to where I need to be.

Follow the Floating Seelies

Genshin Impact seelies
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Throughout Teyvat, players can find floating spirit-like beings just hanging around in Genshin Impact. When players approach them, they will fly away. The first one I saw, I watched it fly away, and since I wasn’t working on a quest, I decided not to follow. I later learned that if players follow them, Seelies will eventually lead them to treasure, which usually has Mora and leveling items.

How to Get Characters in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact wish banner
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Genshin Impact is a gacha game. This fact can be forgotten because of its high-quality art, good writing, and open world full of things to distract players and keep them busy. The primary way to get more characters to add to the player’s team, or to have is through the Wish Gacha System. Some characters are provided as players complete the story, and others are given when participating in events.

The most important thing is to learn how the Wish Gacha System works, as most 5-star characters are obtained in this way. But beware, as this can get addicting, and it’s the only place where players can spend real money and a lot of it if they are not careful.

Save Primogems For When You Really Need Them

Genshin Impact primogems
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The Wish gacha system relies on wishes that can be used to obtain characters and weapons. There are a couple of ways to obtain wishes, but the fastest way is trading in Primogems. These can be collected by doing various tasks and quests. I suggest saving as much as you can until the characters you want appear in the banners of the Wish Gacha system. The more you have, the higher your chance of getting the character you want. This will also save your bank account in the long run.