Genshin Impact – Ranked character tier list

Who to add to your line up to have the most fun exploring Teyvat.

Genshin Impact

With Genshin Impact finally released, we can start building our perfect teams. There are a lot of characters available to choose from. While the game is still shiny and new, there is already a distinct difference in character tiers. Every character in the game can become a WMD with enough work, but some just start off stronger than the others. Here is our tiered list of all the characters currently available in the game.



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Diluc is the zealous owner Mondstadt’s Dawn Winery and uses a Claymore and the Pyro Vision. He deals huge amounts of Pyro damage with his talents and focuses on using high-powered knock-back attacks. He pairs well with any Anemo Vision like Venti or the Player Character to deal massive amounts of Elemental Burst damage.


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Fischl uses a Bow with an Electro Vision. The mysterious Mondstadt adventurer has talents that focus on her raven named Oz. Oz can act as a summonable and controllable companion and AoE attack. Players can take control of Oz to deal Electro damage while taking less damage themselves, or let him loose to track enemies freely.


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Not to be confused with Goku’s wife, this QiQi’s name is spelled differently. She uses a Sword and has the Cryo Vision. The apprentice pharmacist can do a huge amount of damage through her AoE talents. She focuses on creating Cryo blasts that both damage enemies and set up Elemental Bursts.


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Venti is an ancient being from Mondstadt and uses a Bow and the Anemo Vision. Venti can be a bit difficult to get but is available early on. His attacks are not too different than most other Bow fighters. He is good at setting up elemental reactions with other characters. His Talents are geared towards helping players traverse the region and control the battlefield.



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Xiangling is a fan favorite that appeared multiple times during the closed betas. She is a Pyro Vision that uses a Polearm. Xinagling is the head chef and waitress of a famous restaurant, Wanmin, in Liyue. As a result, many of her quests and quirks involve cooking. Her Pyro attacks focus on doing AoE damage with her fire breathing panda. While her attacks are extremely useful, especially when stacked with other elements, they do not deal a huge amount of damage.


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Xiao is an ancient fighter from Liyue and uses a Polearm and an Anemo Vision. Xiao Talents and move set focus on high-powered precise attacks; he can turn into a demon that increases his damage and range.


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Keqing is a major player for the Qixing in Liyue. The headstrong fighter uses a Sword and has the Electro Vision, and her talents are designed to overcome the short range of a Sword. She can hurl throwing knives and unleash strong AoE attacks. Like most swordsman, though, she tends to take more damage.


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Mona is an astrologer from Mondstadt. She uses a Catalyst and has the Hydro Vision. Like most other Hydro fighters, Mona’s skills are mainly geared towards setting up Elemental Burst reactions. She can also do decent AoE damage that pairs very well with Cryo or Electro characters.


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Jean is the commander of the Knights of Favonius. She uses a Sword and an Anemo Vision. The Dandelion Knight is one of the strongest characters currently available, and pairs well with almost any other element. Her talents focus on AoE attacks that deal huge amounts of wind damage.


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Barbara is a Hydro Vision that is best used in a support role. She is a local idol and a deaconess at the Church in Mondstadt. Barbara uses a catalyst as her main weapon, and her talents focus on supporting other characters. Her attacks do little damage but can slow enemies by giving them the Wet status, which can be used in elemental reactions. All of her combat talents can heal the party. Keep her in your back pocket when you are taking on a difficult boss and she will be invaluable.



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Xingqiu is a polite but adventurous fighter from Liyue. He uses a Sword and has the Hydro Vision. Xinqiu is the only Hydro wielder currently in the game that doesn’t use a Catalyst. Of all the Hydro users, he is also more reliable in a fight. His talents make use of the element’s ability to slow enemies. His talents create Rain Swords that fall on enemies.


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The lovable Spark Knight from Mondstadt uses a Catalyst and a Pyro Vision. She is one of the best Pyros currently available in the game, and her talents extend her range and do huge amounts of AoE damage. She can easily handle large groups of enemies on her own.


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Everyone’s favorite wolf boy, Razor, uses a Claymore and has an Electro Vision. He can be found in the forest outside of Mondstadt as you progress through the campaign. His attacks focus on using the Claymore’s wide attack arc to do boosted Electro damage. He also gives players access to a boss challenge that can be used for grinding and testing new characters.


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Chongyun is an exorcist from Liyue. He uses a Claymore and has the Cryo Vision. Like all Claymore characters, his attacks have a wide arc and can do a fair amount of damage on their own. His talents focus on AoE damage and boosting the speed of your characters.


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Benny has an unlucky streak that he is hoping you can solve. He is a friendly character from Mondstadt. Bennett uses a Sword and has the Pyro Vision. His talents are a mix of support and DPS skills that make him a very useful member of your team. Some of his talents can increase survivability by creating inspiration circles.



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Sucrose is an alchemist with the Knights of Favonius. She is an Anemo Vision that uses a Catalyst. Like most spellcasters in Genshin Impact, Sucrose focuses on dealing AoE damage. She is an excellent choice for players that need a wind user for stacking elemental attacks. Sucrose doesn’t deal a very large amount of damage through her attacks, but when stacked with a Pyro Vision, they can take down tough enemies very quickly.


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Noelle is one of the better tanks you can get early into the game. She uses the Geo element and a Claymore as her main weapon. Her talents focus on stringing together strong attacks and increasing defense. Her Breastplate talent is invaluable for mitigating elemental damage from tougher enemies. She is a solid choice for filling both a support and an attack role but she really excels at support.


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Ningguang is a wealthy leader of Liyue and uses a Catalyst and has the Geo Vision. Her combat style revolves around gathering Star Jade. She generates Star Jade by dealing damage and gains boosts as she collects them. Her talents make her good in a support role. She can decrease incoming damage while also granting bonus damage to other characters.


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Lisa is a glass cannon. She is a witch in Mondstadt that uses a Catalyst and an Electro Vision. She can do huge amounts of damage but needs to be kept at range. Her talents all focus on AoE attacks that can be combined with other elements to unleash devastating reactions. This is one of the first Electro characters that players will gain access to and should learn how to handle the elements and use elemental reactions.


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Kaeya is one of the first characters you can add to your team in Mondstadt. He uses a Sword and has the Cryo Vision. His talents are a good balance of attack and support skills. This is one of the first Cryo characters that players will meet and is a good character to use to get used to the element.


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Beidou is the captain of the Crux in Liyue. She wields a Claymore and has the Electro Vision. Like most other Claymore wielders, Beidou’s attacks do a lot of damage and have a wide range. Her talents are a combination of wide-reaching multi-strike attacks and defensive counter-attacks. She can fit in well on most team builds as a tank and is very useful for whittling down stronger enemies.



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Amber is one of the first playable characters in the game and the first to use a Bow. She is the Outrider for the Knight of Favonius and uses a Pyro Vision in combat. Even when fully ascended, Amber doesn’t deal a lot of damage. She is mainly a utilitarian character that is useful for navigating the game world. As useful as her skills are for traversing the world, it is a good idea to replace her with another character like Fischl when possible.