Genshin Impact Connection Failed Error, explained

Quite an unusual error.

Genshin Impact Connection Failed Error Explained

Genshin Impact has been receiving a lot of traction lately, thanks to the game’s resemblance to the critically acclaimed Legend of Zelda franchise. The game is all set to release today, and players can already pre-load the game. However, some players are witnessing a Connection Failed Error while starting the game.

The reason why players are getting the Connection Failed Error is that the servers are not live yet. The game will go live at 7 PM PT in the US on Sunday, September 27. While players are already able to pre-load the game and access it, the game will not be playable until the servers go live.

It is pretty unusual that a game that isn’t playable can be launched, but it seems like a minor error from the developers of Genshin Impact, miHoYo. While some are getting the Connection Failed Error, others are not able to go past the loading screen. It is expected that the issues will be fixed by the time the game goes live.

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With the hype Genshin Impact has around it, it will be likely that the game will have a good player count at launch. The fact that the game is free-to-play should boost the game’s popularity even further.