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Genshin Impact: Dendro element guide — All new elemental reactions

Dendro is finally here.

The world of Genshin Impact previously featured six different elements (similar to Pokemon typings) for characters: Hydro, Cryo, Pyro, Electro, Anemo, and Geo. These typings dictated the playstyles, damage, and synergies for all characters. However, one element intended to be released was always missing: the elusive Dendro element.

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With Genshin Impact 3.0 and the release of Sumeru, HoYoverse has finally introduced the Dendro element, and there is a whole new list of synergies and reactions to learn. Dendro is bound to change the game drastically, but this guide will cover everything you need to know about how the new Dendro element works.

What are Elemental Reactions?

If you are new to Genshin Impact or play casually, you might need a refresher on how Elemental Reactions work in Genshin Impact. Each character has a specific Element that they can use during a battle. For instance, Xiangling is a Pyro unit and can inflict enemies with the Pyro element.

When you mix two Elements, you create a reaction that has a special effect. For instance, mixing the Pyro and Hydro elements will create a Vaporize reaction. Vaporize drastically increases the damage of the attack that triggered it.

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Dendro Reaction: Bloom

Screenshot by Gamepur

Bloom occurs when you mix Dendro and Hydro. When Bloom triggers, “Dendro Cores” will be created and spread around the field. After a certain amount of time, these Dendro Cores will explode, dealing with heavy Dendro DMG.

Only a certain number of Dendro Cores can be active at once. If you exceed the limit, then the pre-existing Dendro Cores will explode. There are two sub-reactions that exist within Bloom as well.

  • When a Dendro Core comes into contact with the Pyro element, the Burgeon reaction will occur. This simply increases the damage of the Dendro explosion.
  • When a Dendro core comes into contact with the Electro element, the Hyperbloom reaction will occur. This transforms the Dendro Cores into “homing Sprawling Shots.”

Dendro Reaction: Catalyze

Screenshot by Gamepur

Catalyze occurs when you mix Dendro and Electro. When Catalyze triggers, a status called Quicken will occur, which will inflict enemies with a Quickened status ailment. Quickened enemies can then be mixed once again with a Dendro or Electro attack, creating a different sub-reaction depending on the element of the attack.

When Quickened enemies are hit with a Dendro attack, the Spread reaction will occur. When Quickened enemies are hit with an Electro attack, the Aggravate reaction will occur. This causes enemies to take additional damage.

Dendro Reaction: Burning

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Burning reaction was actually already in the game, as there were a few Dendro enemies already in the game: namely Dendro slimes. When Dendro and Pyro mix, the Burning reaction occurs. This reaction causes enemies to take damage over time.

Other Dendro information

There are a few quirks with the Dendro element to take note of. There is no Elemental Reaction for Geo, Anemo, or Cryo. Functionally, you would not want to use Dendro units on teams who revolve around these elements.

If you bring two Dendro characters together, you will trigger that element’s resonance, which is a buff given to your team when you bring two or more characters of the same element on the same team. The Dendro resonance provides your team with 50 extra Elemental Mastery.

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