Genshin Impact: How Encounter Points Work

Unlock the secrets of Genshin Impact’s Encounter Points system in version 4.1. Learn how to earn EP effortlessly and maximize your daily rewards.

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Genshin Impact 4.1 adds fantastic new and returning characters and top-notch quality-of-life improvements, and chief among them is the new Encounter Points system that works in tandem with the longstanding Daily Commission bonuses. The problem with the previous Daily setup was it took you out of the more mainstream progression systems, and if you were a veteran, you’d done every one of them so many times it bordered on insanity. With Encounter Points, there’s a bit more fluidity. Here’s how they work.

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How Encounter Points Work in Genshin Impact

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Encounter Points work alongside Daily Commissions to provide the daily rewards of Primogems, experience books, Adventure Rank XP, etc. However, rather than going out of your way to defeat a group of enemies somewhere or some other menial task, you can instead earn Encounter Points (EP from here on out) for just playing the game. You need to be Adventure Rank 35 and finish Archon Quest Chapter II: Act III, “Omnipresence Over Mortals,” to access them.

Once you earn enough EP, you can turn in one of the gift boxes on the Commission screen for the corresponding 10 Primogems, etc. Should you also choose to complete a Daily, you can turn it in, costing you an EP reward but not the 10 Primos and supplementals.

How to Get Encounter Points in Genshin Impact

Specifically, you get EP by:

  • Completing quests (Archon Quests, Story Quests, World Quests, or Invitation Quests) for varying amounts of EP depending on the length and complexity of the quest.
  • Collecting Oculi, Crimson Agates, Lumenspar, and Plumes of Purifying Light.
  • Opening chests of all rarities in the open world.
  • Completing limited-time events and event objectives

In most cases, collecting an item or opening a chest gives you 50% progress toward a single Encounter Point reward. Longer quests or more complicated activities can give you a full reward or more. Once you earn four EP rewards and complete your Daily Commissions or some combination of the two, you will still need to return to Katheryne at the Adventurer’s Guild to claim your final rewards.

Note that your Encounter Points do not roll over to the next day. You must use them the day you earn them before the daily reset at 5:00 AM EST or lose them. One last note: if a Daily Commission requires you to collect specific items, earning EP for the same will not count against your Daily progress. The two systems are symbiotic but separate until everything is turned in, at which point you can’t earn any more until the next day.