Genshin Impact Lasting Promise Guide

Made to be kept.

The Lasting Promise quest in Genshin Impact is a task that players will need to take on to help Ayaka. The quest is part of the Whispers of the Crane and the White Rabbit questline, where players will need to perform various tasks to help out Ayaka.

The aim of the game in this quest is to find out the name of a mysterious character called who is known only as Tsubaki. Head to the area marked on the map after speaking with Ayaka and then carefully read the message that you are given.

A crane brings 1 fresh flower in its beak to decorate my hair, while a white rabbit sews a hemline from 4 rays of moonlight. Dressed appropriately, I face eastward and call out Tsubaki’s name 7 times. In the blink of an eye, I am stood on the path that leads to her house.

There are four different parts of a clue in here, all the numbers 1, 4, and 7, and the direction eastward. Head to the point on the map shown by the player indicator above, and remember yous should be down below the city at this point in the cavern beneath it.

Keep your eyes opens for a ledge, as shown above. If you climb up here you will find a cracked wall that you can interact with. You need to select the following interaction options:

  • Knock once
  • Knock four times
  • Knock seven times

The wall will disappear and you will find a secret chest. This will be followed by some long exposition that is very interesting, so make sure you listen to the character’s conversations. After that, the quest will end.