Genshin Impact: The Great Gathering Day 3 Event Guide

Stop the thieves.

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The Great Gathering received its final set of challenges, marking an end for the mini-event. As part of the Fleeting Flight in Colors main event, the Great Gathering will task you with defeating some treasure hoarders. This day introduces a new game mode, The Key Catch.

In The Key Catch, you have to defeat Treasure Hoarders and prevent them from stealing items from the Jade Chamber. You can use Quelling Firecrackers to remove the buffs they receive and deal tons of damage to them as well.

Here’s the location of the first challenge:

Screenshot by Gamepur

The quickest route is to teleport to the Domain of Guyun and simply head west from there. It’s a bit of a walk since you can’t teleport to the location.

Collect the Firecrackers and look for the Elite Treasure Hoarders with buffs, indicated by a symbol above their heads. Defeat four Treasure Hoarder Elites to win the challenge. Take care of the weaker Treasure Hoarders as well, as they will respawn and make things harder for you.

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You have to complete the challenge with 90 seconds remaining to earn all of the rewards. The Firecrackers will help you beat the challenge faster, but it’s not a necessity to clear everything in time.

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Afterward, you’ll earn a reward of 30 Primogems, a recipe for Bountiful Year, and 200 Immaculate Talismans. If you cleared all the other events up to this point, this should give you what you need to buy all of the materials in the Event Shop.

Meanwhile, the Bountiful Year is a food item that’s exclusive to this event. If you don’t clear this event, you won’t be able to learn this recipe You’ll need four Fish, four Carrots, two Onions, and one Violetgrass to create one Bountiful Year.

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The Bountiful Year increases all party members’ ATK by 224 – 320, and Crit Rate by 6 – 10% for 300 seconds. This is a useful effect for any overworld or event content, so be sure to learn this recipe to increase your damage substantially.

Recommended Characters

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  • Venti, Sucrose, or Kazuha are great assets to this fight, and can help you clear the content without utilizing the Quelling Firecrackers. The Treasure Hoarders are weak to Crowd Control, so you can trivialize a lot of the fight simply by spamming some of your Crowd Control abilities.
  • Use a character with strong AoE Damage, like Xiangling or Raiden Shogun. The amount of treasure hoarders can pile up greatly, so you’ll want to utilize a character that can hit a lot of enemies at once. Characters like Hu Tao or Yoimiya who specialize in single-target damage may have a harder time.

That’s all you need to know about the Great Gathering. The third day marks the end of this mini-event. Be sure to clear the other mini-events as well to rack up all the rewards you can.