Genshin Impact – Into the Woods quest guide

Clean the Withering Zones, defeat the Spinocrocodiles, and gather some firewood.

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In Genshin Impact, Into the Woods is the third quest in the Aranyaka Part I: Woodland Encounter world quest series. It begins automatically as soon as you complete The Children of Vimara Village quest, which takes place in and around Vimara, a village in the Ardravi Valley region of Sumeru.

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How to complete Into the Woods

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At the end of The Children of Vimara Village, tell Rana, “Let’s Go.” to complete that quest and start Into the Woods. Next, follow the map markers to two more Withering Zones that need to be cleaned up. Clean them up exactly as you did in The Children of Vimara Village: summon Dendrograna using the Auspicious Branches then, while still surrounded by at least one Dendrograna, use an aimed or charged attack against each Withering Branch. This time when you destroy the three Withering Branches, a couple of extra monsters will appear, but nothing too tough. As before, interact with the Tumors of the Withering to destroy them and finish cleaning up the Zone.

How to defeat Spinocrocodiles

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After cleaning up the second Withering Zone, follow the map marker to the area where the Spinocrocodiles are active. There, help Rana defeat “a certain number” of Spinocrocodiles. “A certain number” just means all of them, and there are two waves of them to contend with. They have no particularly strong or weak resistances, but Cryo will be particularly useful here, as the Spinocrocodiles are wet, and can therefore be frozen solid.

Where to find firewood during Into the Woods

After clearing the area of Spinocrocodiles, follow the map marker to the camp. When you get there, your next task will be to collect three units of firewood, and while the game tells you where to do this, it doesn’t tell you how. Like many quest objectives in Genshin Impact, the firewood is represented by a bright glow with an arrow above it.

Into the Woods firewood locations

  • At the eastern end of the long island in the middle of the river.
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  • Under the sunsettia tree on the south bank of the river.
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  • In among some undergrowth on the south bank, a short distance west of the sunsettia tree.
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Talk to Rana again, use a Pyro character to light the campfire, then after a long chat with Rana, you’ll take a nap and the Into the Woods quest will be complete.