Genshin Impact: The Moon and Stars Inscribe Day 1 event guide

Create a masterful poem.

Image via HoYoverse

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The Hues of the Violet Garden event has begun in Genshin Impact, which revolves around the Magnificent Inazuman Festival. This festival is a huge event that combines several different mini-events, which will give you the chance to earn tons of rewards like Primogems and Mora. The Irodori Poetry event is a photo-taking event that prompts you to take photos for a bard to give them inspiration.

To begin this event, you need to complete the prerequisite quests required to unlock the event. Following this, you must talk to a pair of NPCs in Inazuma named Ootomo and Lenne. The pair will explain their situation, and you’ll be prompted to take photos around Inazuma to help give Lenne some inspiration for his poems.

Here is the location of the NPC pair:

Screenshot by Gamepur

In this event, you’ll take photos in specific regions to match daily themes of inspiration. Today’s theme is Nostalgia. Obtain “materials” so you can better help the two poets figure out their writing better. The game asks you to take pictures of Inazuman specialties to get key inspiration material.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Take four photos of any of the following:

  • Amakumo Fruit
  • Crystal Marrow
  • Dendrobium
  • Fluorescent Fungus
  • Naku Weed
  • Onikabuto
  • Sakura Bloom
  • Sango Pearl
  • Sea Ganoderma

Note that you cannot use the Kamera gadget. To complete this event, you need to go into the Paimon menu and open the Camera app. Once you open the Camera app and approach one of the above objects, you’ll notice a circle surrounding the object of interest. Start your route by heading to this location in Tatarasuna.

Screenshot by Gamepur

(Also note: You cannot take four photos of the same object. In other words, you can only photograph one Naku Weed, one Sea Ganoderma, one Sango Pearl, etc.)

After heading to the above, you can walk forward and photograph a Sea Ganoderma.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Teleport to the Grand Narukami Shrine, where you can photograph a Sakura Bloom.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Very close to the Sakura Bloom is an Onikabuto:

Screenshot by Gamepur

When you’re done, head back to Ootomo and Lenne and receive their poem. They’ll present you with the following prose for your professional photography skills:

Screenshot by Gamepur

The next inspiration you can find will be available the next day, so don’t delay in getting this done to maximize the rewards you can get.