Genshin Impact Time and Wind quest guide – unlock the two secret sundials

A long, but worthwhile hidden quest.

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is filled with secrets and achievements. If you want to finish the challenge to unlock the two secret sundials and discover the secret of the uninhabited island, it is a pretty long and involved process. You will need to have quite a bit of stamina just to get this one started, and the monster fights go up to Level 40, so you don’t want to be underpowered for it either.

To start, you will need to head to Starsnatch Cliffs in Mondstadt. Go to the point shown on the map below, then look out to sea. In the distance, you will see an island that you need to reach. With about 200 Stamina and some food that returns Stamina, you should have no issue reaching it. Remember, you can eat food while flying, so prepare to have a mid-flight snack.

When you arrive at the island, head to the center and find the Ravage Carving. This is actually one of the sundials. Interact with it to get a clue, and then you will need to find some notes.

Head to the beach on the right side of the carving and you will find a pile of rocks near a tent. Smash them to find the note that you need.

Now it is time to return to the sundial and change the time of day to 2 AM. You can only do the next part of the quest between 2 AM and 5 AM. You can change the time by selecting the clock icon in the main options menu.

Now, if you use your elemental site, you will see four feathers on the sundial. These represent four orbs of Anemo energy that you need to destroy to unlock the sundial. You can see them by using your elemental sight. To destroy them, use any Anemo ability, and Venti’s charged shot works perfectly for this.

You can find the orbs in the following locations:

  • Directly behind the sundial on the ruined wall that sticks out of the sea
  • On the right side of the beach on a rounded rock sticking out of the sea
  • On the left side of the beach on a square rock sticking out of the sea
  • On top of the tall pillar near the sundial

You need to destroy them all between 2 AM and 5 AM; if you don’t, just reset the time again. You will retain the progress you have already made.

Now, move to the central carved depression on the island and use an Anemo ability there to destroy the seal, freeing a monster. This will be an Eye of the Storm, so focus it down with arrows, then when it drops to the ground, hit it with everything you have.

When it gets weakened, it will run away, activating a powerful wind column. Use your glider to follow it all the way to the Wind Templer.

When you arrive a the Wind Temple, you will need to find Henry Morton. You can find his location shown on the map above. Talk to him, then check the book in his tent for more clues.

You will need to destroy four more Anemo Orbs, and you can use elemental sight to see them again. They are all very close to the sundial, which is right beside Henry. Destroy them all and enter round two of the Eye of the Storm fight.

This time some ads will occasionally spawn, so take them all out when they show up, then turn your attention back to the Eye of the Storm. When it is finally defeated, you can speak with Henry again to finish up the quest.