Genshin Impact Version 2.5: How to clear Floor 11 of the Spiral Abyss – tips and tricks

An electrifying challenge.

Yae Miko

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Floor 11 of the Spiral Abyss has reset, giving players a brand new challenge. Compared to the previous floor of the Spiral Abyss, Floor 11 is a little milder. However, it can still prove to be a big challenge if you don’t have the properly invested characters.

Each Spiral Abyss update grants a unique buff to help you out on your battles. This update is the Blessing of the Abyssal Moon: Blade-Flourish Moon. This buff has the following effect:

“When opponents take Electro-Charged DMG, their Electro RES decreases by 10% for 10 seconds. Max 4 stacks. Each stack’s duration is independent. Each enemy can receive this effect once every 1.2 seconds.”

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This Blessing of the Abyssal Moon obviously benefits Electro characters greatly, which impacts the characters you can consider bringing. It’s a good idea to have at least one team in the Spiral Abyss tailored to an Electro-Charged focused team, which means bringing a strong Electro character and strong Hydro character.

The Leyline Disorder of the floor also provides a 60% Electro DMG bonus. It’s highly recommended to take advantage of these buffs to help you progress in your clear. Please note: If you do opt to use an Electro team, bring them on the FIRST HALF. There are Electro enemies on the second half of each Abyss floor that will be immune to Electro damage.

Characters to consider

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The buff for this floor is tailor-made for the newest playable character in Version 2.5 of Genshin Impact, Yae Miko. Not to mention, in about a week, the Raiden Shogun is getting a re-run of her own. As a result, Electro characters have a high impact on this floor. Consider these characters to take with you:

  • A strong Electro team: Fortunately for us, many of the Electro units that are in high demand are strong units on their own. Raiden Shogun and Yae Miko make up a good core to put on a team, but don’t sleep on units like Fischl or Beidou. Beidou in particular can reduce Electro RES even further at high constellations, and Fischl acts as a strong battery for your other Electro units.
  • Xingqiu, Kokomi, Tartaglia: These three high-value Hydro units will do a good job at creating electro-charged reactions. This will increase your damage substantially, combined with the Blessing of the Abyssal Moon. You may want two Hydro units, as Hydro units are also useful on the second half of this floor.
  • Venti, Kazuha, Sucrose: Crowd-control as an effect has been losing value, as HoYoverse adds enemies into the Spiral Abyss that are immune to crowd-control. However, in the second half, more units are weak to Crowd Control, so bringing a unit specifically for that is a good idea.

Floor 11: Chamber 1 – First Half

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This chamber consists of a Hydro Abyss Herald, and a Cryo Abyss Mage. They both spawn at the same time, and the Cryo Abyss Mage will be directly behind you. It’s recommended to turn around and immediately defeat the Cryo Abyss Mage first.

If you leave the Cryo Abyss Mage alive, it will use strong attacks that will react with the Hydro Abyss Herald’s attacks. This creates the Freeze reaction and can trap your character in a chain of crowd control.

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The Hydro Abyss Herald should also naturally walk towards you, so if you have strong AoE damage, you’ll have the chance to defeat both at the same time to save some valuable seconds. After defeating the Cryo Abyss Mage, the Hydro Abyss Herald is your next step.

Defeat the Hydro Abyss Herald by whittling down its HP to bring it into its second phase. In this phase, you may be tempted to bring a Cryo unit. However, the damage from Electro-Charged reactions is more than enough to deal with this enemy. (Especially considering you have five minutes to get a perfect clear.)

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Floor 11: Chamber 1 – Second Half

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This is a straightforward floor that consists of many Whopperflowers of the Pyro and Electro variety. If you walk forward to the Pyro Whopperflowers, the Electro Whopperflowers should naturally spawn beside you.

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After the Whopperflowers are dealt with, two Geovishaps will spawn. This isn’t too difficult. Just head to either Geovishap, and they’ll naturally group up together. Note: the Geovishaps will infuse with Pyro and Electro energy, having a Hydro unit like Tartaglia helps deal with both at the same time.

Floor 11: Chamber 2 – First Half

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The first half of Chamber Two spawns tons of Slimes and Specters of the Cryo and Hydro variety. Fortunately, since we brought an Electro team, we won’t have to deal with any negative reactions. We’ll also naturally get Superconduct and Electro-Charged.

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This continues for about two waves of enemies. The final wave of enemies consists of two Specters and a Hydro Abyss Mage. It’s a pretty straightforward fight, so there aren’t many tips to provide. But defeat the Hydro Abyss Mage first so it doesn’t spawn its pesky bubble attack.

Floor 11: Chamber 2 – Second Half

This chamber is a reflection of the last one, with the Cryo and Hydro Slimes and Specters replaced by Electro and Pyro ones. This is another example of why you want a strong Hydro unit like Tartaglia on this half.

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Instead of a Hydro Abyss Mage, you also have to deal with a Pyro Abyss Mage. A Hydro unit will make quick work of this half.

Floor 11: Chamber 3 – First Half

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At this point, everyone is tired of rifthounds. They apply a bleed effect, teleport around everywhere, and are a generally annoying enemy to fight. Luckily, these hounds are weak to Electro damage, and they all spawn at the same time.

When you group them all together, Electro-Charged will make quick work of these foes. As they all spawn at the same time, it’s a straightforward fight that checks to see if you have enough damage to make it in time. Bring your most invested Electro characters to fight these hounds.

Floor 11: Chamber 3 – Second Half

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This is another straightforward floor, but a little more difficult than the previous one. You have to fight a Pyro Abyss Herald and Electro Abyss Herald at the same time.

When these two enemies reach a certain HP threshold, their HP will be replaced by a strong elemental shield of their corresponding element. You defeat these enemies once their shield is destroyed. Bringing Pyro units like Xiangling and Bennett will help deal with the Electro Abyss Herald, while Tartaglia can deal with the Pyro Abyss Herald instead.

Once you clear Floor 11, you’re ready for the biggest challenge of the game: Floor 12.