Genshin Impact: Where is Inazuma’s souvenir shop in Genshin Impact?

It’s finally here.

Image via miHoYo

Every region in Genshin Impact has a souvenir shop where you can spend Elemental Sigils you find throughout your journey. Elemental Sigils drop from chests and first-time domain clears, and you can spend them on specialty souvenir shops in each region. Curiously, Inazuma’s souvenir shop was never open to players, and you’d get a mention that they were simply out of stock.

This is because in-game, you would instead get to spend the Electro Sigils you’d find in Inazuma on the Grand Narukami Shrine: Sacred Sakura tree. Here, you could earn plenty of rewards from Mora, Hero’s Wit, and even blue summons.

However, the Inazuma souvenir shop should open up soon. As of this writing, it is not yet available. But you will be able to spend leftover Electro Sigils in this shop as early as Version 2.4. Here is where you can find the Inazuma souvenir shop.

Location of the Inazuma souvenir shop

The location of the Inazuma souvenir shop is in Inazuma City. The shop’s specific name is the Netsuke no Gen Crafts store and is locatable with an icon on the map resembling a jewel. Here is the specific location of the shop:

Screenshot by Gamepur

The NPC who owns the shop is named Mikoshi Genichirou. The same jewel icon will also show above his head.

Screenshot by Gamepur

What can I buy from the Inazuma souvenir shop?

Here are the items you can buy from the Inazuma souvenir shop, as of the Version 2.4 beta test. As these are a part of a beta, these items are subject to change and will be adjusted if necessary once the full version drops. Data is credited to Ubatcha.

ItemCostBuy Limit
x3 Coral Branch of a Distant Sea2 Electro Sigils4
x3 Narukami’s Wisdom2 Electro Sigils 4
x3 Mask of the Wicked Lieutenant2 Electro Sigils 4
x10,000 Mora2 Electro Sigils 4
Otogi Wood Granary Cart5 Electro Sigils1
Scarlet Torii Gate: Way of Restoration10 Electro Sigils1
Simple Otogi Workshop5 Electro Sigils 1
Camp Bonfire: Glorious Clarity5 Electro Sigils 1
Camp Barricade: Taking Sides5 Electro Sigils 1
Maple Wood Tanuki10 Electro Sigils 1
Maple Wood White Kitsune10 Electro Sigils 1
Shrine Statue: “Seirai Ward”10 Electro Sigils 1
Ancestral Sword Rack: Iron Sharpens Iron20 Electro Sigils1
The Bamboo’s Call10 Electro Sigils 1
x3,000 Mora1 Electro SigilUnlimited

Most of the items here are furniture, which unfortunately won’t interest those who don’t spend time decorating their Serenitea Pot. However, there are still special items like the weapon enhancement materials and Mora you can use your leftover Electro Sigils on.

Again, note that these are subject to change, as they are a part of a beta test. Any items that change during the live version of the game will be adjusted accordingly.

On a side note, this also means you will be able to max out the Sacred Sakura tree during the next version. Previously, you could only level it up and collect rewards up to Level 40.