Genshin Impact: Where To Get Lumidouce Bells – All Locations & How to Farm

Lumidouce Bells are another of the new materials you’ll want to farm in Genshin Impact. Here’s where to find them.

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Lumidouce Bells are another character Ascension material unique to the new Fontaine region in Genshin Impact. While they are plentiful, the more characters that release who come from Fontaine, the more likely you’ll need to have a huge stock of Bells to get everyone to level 90. Thankfully, Lumidouce Bells grow in groups of three per plant, and where you can find them, there are almost always at least two. This guide’ll cover where to find every Lumidouce Bell plant and the best farming routes.

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How to Find and Farm Lumidouce Bells in Genshin Impact

You can find Lumidouce Bells in most parts of Fontaine, and they’re not concentrated to any one area, but where they do grow, there’s almost always more than one of them. I’ll list the location of every Lumidouce Bell plant below and give a quick rundown of how you can farm as many of them as possible in as few teleports as possible. I’ve marked the rough location of each patch of Bells with a Flower Pin in the images.

Lumidouce Bells LocationAmount of
Lumidouce Bells
Nearby Point of
How to Find
27Court of Fontaine
Teleport Waypoint
Teleport to the waypoint and gather from the two plants near the road (one is more inland),
then head to the south side of the cliffs south of the road.
6Elynas Teleport Waypoint
in the northeast
Teleport to the waypoint and walk directly east
past the enemy camp and toward the cliff on the north side of the road
9Large skeleton ribcage
and waterfalls
Travel southwest of the above waypoint.
The Lumidouce Bells are on the northern shore across from the waterfall.
9Beryl Region Teleport Waypoint in the eastGo directly south of the Waypoint (itself south of the hot spring) and up into the hills a short way.
3Beyrl Region Teleport Waypoint in the westHead east from the waypoint and onto the hill near the enemy camp.
6Fountain of Lucine
Teleport Waypoint
Teleport to the waypoint and go south of the boss arena. The Lumidouce Bells are near the cliffside.
6West Slopes of Automnequi Teleport Waypoint on the north end of the tunnelTravel to the waypoint and climb up onto the plateau above the tunnel. The Bells are near the roadside.
6Southern entrance to the Slopes of Automnequi TunnelFrom the above bells, head south by southeast until you reach the mountain’s edge. The Lumidouce Bells will be nestled near the stone mountain face.
3Elynas Teleport Waypoint
in the northwest
From the Waypoint, head directly west until you reach the jetty coming out of the mountain. The Lumidouce Bells are near the guarded treasure chest.

Genshin Impact Lumidouce Bells Farming Route

  1. Start at the northernmost Lumidouce Bells near the Court of Fontaine
  2. Take teleport down into Elynas and gather everything there, forgoing the northwest if you don’t want to take the time
  3. Teleport to the Fountain of Lucine
  4. Teleport to the West Slopes of Mont Automnequi

If you follow this route, your farm shouldn’t take more than ten minutes or so, giving you plenty of time (hopefully) to progress elsewhere. Remember that plants respawn after 48 hours, so you can use this route every two real-world days for tons of Lumidouce Bells.