Ghost Recon Breakpoint: What Is The SILENT-1000b Error Code and What It Means


Are you getting the 1000b error code when you attempt to jump into Ghost Recon Breakpoint? You’re going to find this is a widespread issue when you look it up. Unfortunately, you’re going to see the issue quite a bit if you’re attempting to get into the game when the servers are having issues. We experienced this problem during the first day of Breakpoint‘s initial day. Here’s what we know.

What Does The 1000b Error Code Mean in Ghost Recon Breakpoint?

If you see this message, we have some bad news for you. You’re going to find it extremely difficult to entire Ubisoft’s server because they are down at this current hour. Here’s what we read when we researched this issue for Breakpoint‘s website:

This error means that the connection to the servers times out.

If the error persists, you may find the information in the following articles useful:

Connectivity troubleshooting on PC, PS4, or XBOX ONE.

Please do not hesitate to CONTACT US if you continue to encounter this error message.

You can find more information about the possible errors in Ghost Recon Breakpoint in our dedicated LIST OF ERROR CODES.

You can read the direction information from this page.

You have a list of additional error codes to research from the website, but overall, it means the servers are not connecting to your server to Ubisoft’s. You’re going to need to wait and patiently figure out what to do next. The issues could stem from several reasons, from them attempting to do a patch or not getting prepared for having too many getting online at one time.

Ubisoft does want to know about the issue, though. Make sure you reach out to them regarding the problem, and you describe to them what console you’re using, what you were doing, and if your internet connects to other games. If you can prove this, they can narrow it down to their issues on their side and get their experience going on their side. It’s a complicated process, but it happens.

We have had a handful of other issues on our side regarding Breakpoint because of launch day. These got removed during the morning, but they may be going to return.