Ghost Recon Breakpoint: What is the Max XP Level?


Playing Ubisoft games can take up quite a bit of time, and Ghost Recon Breakpoint is going to be no different. You’re going to find yourself getting immersed in the tactical combat of Ghost Recon attempting to take back the island from the Wolves. Nothing’s going to be easy, though, and you’re going to learn there’s plenty for you to explore. However, what is the maximum XP level you can achieve in the game?

What’s the Max XP Level in Ghost Recon Breakpoint?

The developers are taking several cues of how they want to make this game by following the Ghost Recon Wildlands format, and The Division 2. Players are going to notice the influence of The Division 2 by all of the new gear levels in the game. Gear matters quite a bit because it determines how effectively you’re going to be able to fight against the numerous NPCs patrolling the game and engage in the multiple missions on the island. Gear and XP levels are different, though. You need XP levels to purchase skill points, carving out your character’s skills and talents as a Ghost agent.

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Much like Wildlands, the maximum XP level in Breakpoint is going to be 30. When you reach level 30, you’re not going to gain any more XP points, and you’re no longer going to be able to acquire skill points to spend on your character. This limited amount means you need to make sure you’re sure about what you want to purchase from the Skill Tree. Make sure you look over the skill tree to double-check you’re getting the skills and molding the type of character you want to take through the campaign and later engage in some of the end-game content.

Reaching the maximum XP level is not the end of the game. You’re going to find your gear level is going to increase throughout the time you play your game. Ubisoft is likely going to introduce plenty of post-game content, much like they did with the Division 2. This content will encourage players to keep playing together and tackling those harder pieces of content.