Ghost Recon Breakpoint Multiplayer Modes and What They Are


Multiplayer modes are a big thing for games that want to stick around for a long time. You can engage in some online matches while playing Ghost Recon Breakpoint, too. They’re not as extensive as some of the other games Ubisoft has developed, but it’s a good start. These multiplayer modes are available when you first get out of the initial cutscene and start the game. You can find the Ghost War menu on the Objectives Board in your main menu.

Multiplayer Modes in Ghost Recon Breakpoint


This mode is your primary four vs. four-player team deathmatch. You’re given a large map to fight the other four-player team in, and you have to traverse the map the entire time. Your goal is to eliminate the enemy team before they can eliminate your team. You can do this twice, winning the best of three rounds. There’s a shrinking combat zone in the game, forcing players to engage each other die outside the zone. It’s similar to the rings found in battle royale matches.

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There are six different maps for the mode. The combat zone is going go in random places in the map, forcing players to think differently each time they enter the map, despite how many times they may have played it. There’s a surveillance system that pops up during the match, giving a team the ability to find out where their opponents’ locations. Players are going to need to choose how they handle the combat, leaning on player skills and communication.


Much like Elimination, players are going to have two teams of four fighting it out. However, there’s going to be a distinct ‘attacking,’ side, and a ‘defending,’ side. Those defending are going to need to protect two different bomb locations. The attackers are going to need to sneak around to these locations to try and plant a bomb.

If one of the bombs goes off, the attackers win. It’s a best of three matches. It’s a game of cat and mouse where the attackers need to be a bit more aggressive, and the defenders need to make sure they cover both locations without spreading themselves out. Should the defenders spread out too much, they’re going to get picked off.

We don’t know if Ubisoft is planning to add more in more PvP modes to Ghost War, but it’s likely. Given the popularity of the game and expanding it from a co-op experience, it would make sense.