Girls’ Frontline tier list | best T-Dolls tier list in Girls’ Frontline

Play with both guns and dolls with the best T-Dolls that Girls Frontline has to offer.

Image via Mica Team

Girls’ Frontline features 329 playable T-Doll characters for players to collect, upgrade, and experiment with in echelon formations. With each unique T-Doll featuring different statistics, active skills, and preferred echelon formation shapes, not all T-Dolls perform equally in combat or serve the same purpose. The following tier list will demonstrate which T-Dolls perform the best in most combat situations.

S Tier

M2HB, MG5, PK, and PKP

These four machine gun T-Dolls, collectively known as the “Big Four,” stand head-and-shoulders over their contemporaries in areas where most other machine guns tend to fall short — primarily damage-per-second and sustained fire before reloading. Big Four’s damage outputs, rates of fire, magazine sizes, critical hit rates, and in-fight special skills make each of them a must-have for any power-oriented echelon.

M2HB is particularly useful, as she possesses the highest HP and DMG of any T-Doll in the game and a passively-activating skill that causes every third hit across her volley to critically hit for 2.4 times the damage. What’s more is that, rather than needing to luck out with heavy construction to pull a high-quality machine gun T-Doll, players will earn an M2HB after completing only a handful of career achievements.

HK-416, G41, G11, and FAL

Image via Mica Team

While all four of these assault-rifle T-Dolls need to be manually produced at the cost of resources, they all prove to be the most efficient at what assault rifles do best — be consistent in their accuracy, damage-per-second, and active skill utility. HK-416 has grown immensely popular for this reason, and rightfully so — between her damage output and area-of-effect grenades, she can nearly single-handedly carry her echelon through a very aggressive strategy known as “corpse dragging” all the way through chapter 12.

Grizzly and Welrod

Rather than doing their own damage, handgun T-Dolls are most valuable when they provide substantial area-of-effect buffs to their fellow echelon T-Dolls. When on the offensive, having Grizzly at the center of an echelon formation can provide substantial damage boosts of up to 25% to each of the dolls around her. Welrod, on the other hand, can decrease the accuracy of incoming shots by 45%, substantially increasing her fellow dolls’ survivability when in a pinch.

A Tier

M4A1, AR-15, M4 SOPMOD, M16A1, and RO635

Image via Mica Team

The AR Team featured heavily at the center of Girls’ Frontline’s storyline. These four assault rifle T-Dolls and sole sub-machine gun escort have good reason to be heavily associated with one another. While passable T-Dolls in their own right when on separate echelons, these five have powerful active abilities that directly complement one another’s shortcomings.

For example, M4A1’s skill increases the damage output of all four of her teammates by a massive 70%. AR-15 furthers this boosted damage by boosting her echelon’s rate of fire by 45%. RO635, the group’s sub-machine gun, can effectively tank incoming damage for the group by increasing her own evasion by 70% and reducing incoming damage to all assault rifle T-Dolls by 25%.

Figures and percentages aside, when all these skills are activated in unison, the five synergize as the most all-around echelon available for players to use. When each Doll in the AR Team is further modified or given AR Chips, the groups performance improves even further.