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God of War Ragnarok’s ending, explained

The aftermath of Ragnarok.

God of War Ragnarok concludes the franchise’s Norse Saga with intimate storytelling filled with complex emotions. The game ties up a lot of loose ends as well as creates a few more in an epic ending to Kratos’ journey across the Nine Realms. The theme of destiny and fate is prevalent throughout Ragnarok’s quests and other epic moments that make the ending much more lucrative. But, with all the complex and intertwining fates of certain characters, confusion might arise on what the ending means and what it implies for the series. So, we’ll take a look at what unfolds in the epic conclusion to Kratos’ journey in the Nine Realms.

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How does God of War Ragnarok end?

Starting out, Ragnarok does indeed happen as is implied throughout the game. After being deceived by Odin who was impersonating Tyr and killed Brok in the process. After seeing his brother get killed, Sindri is overcome with grief and blames Atreus and Kratos in the process. He then disappears with his body. Kratos and Atreus realize that the All-Father must be brought down no matter what. After that, with the help of allies including the goddess Freya, Valkyrie Sigrun, Freya’s brother Freyr and unexpectedly Sindri, the father-son duo try to convince and unite all the realms into defeating Odin and destroying Asgard.

They travel to Muspelheim to convince the Surtr, the first fire giant to help initiate Ragnarok. After negotiating with him, Kratos drives his Blades of Chaos imbued with giant magic into Sinmara’s heart, which is present in Surtr’s body and turns him into the eponymous Ragnarok monster.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Kratos being the most experienced of the bunch is chosen as the general to lead the charge on Asgard. He blows Gjallarhorn and opens the gates to all the realms. Kratos, Atreus, and their allies make their way to Asgard to put an end to the Aesir and most of all, put an end to Odin.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Initially, all goes to plan except that Asgard has taken heavy preparation into defending itself. In addition to that, Sindri fails to bring the Dwarves of Svartelfheim citing that they don’t want to die in this war. But, he has brought a Dwarven hammer that will help them enter the interior of Asgard. Afterward, Kratos fights with Thor and injures him massively in the process. He explains to thor how Odin is deceiving him and his family and Thor soon realizes his mistake. But, before he could do anything about it Odin kills him and blames Kratos and Atreus for corrupting his mind.

Kratos, Atreus, and Freya battle with Odin and finally brings him down with Atreus taking his soul in a marble. Sindri in the anguish of losing his brother destroys the marble with his hammer and thus ends Odin’s life. Freyr also sacrifices himself by giving the others enough time to get out when Ragnarok thrusts his word into Asgard.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Afterward, the survivors of Asgard are moved into Midgard for safety and eventual resettlement. Atreus and Kratos then discover a new shrine through Angrboda’s help. In it, it is shown that Kratos’s wife and Atreus’ mother, Faye destroyed Atreus’s shrine seen in the first game to help them forge their own path, instead of relying on pre-written destiny. Atreus then realizes that his destiny is to find the remaining giants which he explains to Kratos. He also mentions that he might know where they are although it isn’t explicitly mentioned. In reply, Kratos advises Atreus to continue his journey and says that he is ready for it. Then repromise each other about keeping one another in their thoughts constantly with Kratos saying emotionally: ”Loki will go. Atreus remains”. The two then share an emotional embrace and then, Atreus goes off with Angrboda to parts unknown.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Kratos also discovers that there is another part behind the new shrine where he sees into the future – a god who is worshipped and loved. Overcome with emotions, Kratos realizes that his future is full of hope. He then reunites with Freya and Mimir and continues the next part of his journey in the Nine Realms, focused on rebuilding them and clearing out the remnants of Odin’s army.

God of War Ragnarok secret ending

There is also another secret ending to God of War Ragnarok after the main story ends. After visiting Lunda in Sindri’s house, she informs that there is a funeral planned for Brok in Svartalfheim. Kratos, Freya, and Mimir go to the realm and pay their respects to their fallen friend. Kratos exclaims Brok as his friend when he pays his respects. During the send-off, a grieving and worn-out Sindri arrives and says his final goodbye to his brother as well.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Kratos tries to console Sindri which the latter pays no heed to do and shows that he still blames Kratos and Atreus for Brok’s death. Later, he disappears into the unknown. Finally, the credits roll which wraps up the overall story of God of War Ragnarok.

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