Gorilla Fairground event in Adopt Me – all pets and how to get

Harambe would be proud.

Finding the Entrance to the Gorilla Fairground event in Adopt Me

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Until March 30, Pet owners can participate in the exciting festivities of the Gorilla Fairground event, during which you can unlock up to six new limited-time Gorilla pets. Whether you are a fan of Gorillas or want to obtain event-exclusive Pets to trade at a high value, engaging in the fairground’s activities is definitely a worthwhile endeavor. However, unlike the grand opening of the Pool Party on Adoption Island, the Gorilla Fairground involves several complex quest-like objectives that newcomers might need help to complete.

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Every new Gorilla Fairground pet in Adopt Me

Gorilla Fairground Quest NPCs in Adopt Me
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As noted above, six new Gorillas are featured in the Gorilla Fairground event of Roblox Adopt Me. Two of these Gorillas can be acquired from the Egg-like Gorilla Box and Premium Gorilla Box inside the fairground. The remaining four are tied to the quests of four Gorilla NPCs inside the carnival’s tent: the Chef Gorilla, Astronaut Gorilla, Karate Gorilla, and Emperor Gorilla. Completing their task will reward you with their corresponding Pet.

Gorilla Fairground Gorilla Boxes in Adopt Me
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For further clarification, here is an index of every event-exclusive Pet of Adopt Me Gorilla Fairground, including instructions on how to obtain them:

Gorilla Fairground PetHow to Unlock
GorillaThis Pet is a guaranteed (100%) rare drop from the Gorilla Box.
Albino GorillaThis Pet is a low-drop-chance Pet from the Premium Gorilla Box.
This box is only obtainable with Robux.
Chef GorillaGive a Gorilla and Rolling Pins × 3 to the Chef Gorilla NPC.
Rolling Pins come from the Gorilla Box (15%) and Premium Gorilla Box (30%).
Astronaut GorillaGive a Gorilla and Gold Stars × 3 to the Astronaut Gorilla NPC.
Gold Stars are acquired from the Gorilla Box (10%) and Premium Gorilla Box (20%).
Karate GorillaGive a Gorilla and Sai × 3 to the Karate Gorilla NPC.
The Sai only drops from the Gorilla Box (15%).
Emperor GorillaGive a Gorilla and Golden Goblets × 3 to the Emperor Gorilla NPC.
The Golden Goblet only drops from the Premium Gorilla Box (5%).

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How to get the Albino Gorilla in Roblox Adopt Me

Unlocking the albino gorilla adopt me
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As noted in the table above, you can only unlock the Albino Gorilla in the Gorilla Fairground of Adopt Me by taking a Robux gamble with the Premium Gorilla Box. According to the in-game description, you have a 10% chance of getting an Albino Gorilla and a 90% of receiving the regular Gorilla Pet. The drop-rate-percentage sign to the right of the Premium Gorilla Box refers to the unlockable fairground items included with the Gorilla or its Albino variant, such as the Legendary Golden Goblet.