Southeast Asia Egg in Adopt Me – all pets and how to get

Test your luck to hatch a Legendary Tree Kangaroo!

Standing in Front of the Southeast Asia Egg Gumball Machine in the Nursery of Adopt Me

Screenshot by Gamepur

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Starting from March 3, the Japan Egg in Roblox Adopt Me has been replaced by the brand-new limited legendary Southeast Asia Egg. As its name implies, this egg features a dozen new pets with origins from Southeast Asia, such as the Malaysian Tapir and Komodo Dragon. For the next week or two, the player-to-player trading market will doubtless be saturated with these pets, including new neon variants for those lucky or wealthy enough to progress their companions’ maturity rate. The most highly sought-after pet will likely be the flagship Legendary of the Southeast Asia Egg — the Tree Kangaroo.

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Every pet in the Southeast Asia Egg in Adopt Me

Buying a Southeast Asia Egg in Adopt Me
Screenshot by Gamepur

If you are new to Roblox Adopt Me, you can get the new Southeast Asia Egg by heading to the Nursery, a building in the middle of Adoption Island’s central plaza. After entering, take a left at the entryway and go into the room with multiple egg vendors. The vendor for Southeast Asia Eggs is the large Gumball Machine between Holly and Doug. One egg will cost you $750. If you are curious about the possible drops from the Southeast Asia Egg in Roblox Adopt Me, here is a brief list of every pet and their hatch chance:

  • Bali Starling (Common) – 35% Chance
  • Malaysian Tapir (Common) – 35% Chance
  • Maleo Bird (Common) – 35% Chance
  • Yellow-lipped Sea Krait (Uncommon) – 25% Chance
  • Banded Palm Civet (Uncommon) – 25% Chance
  • Gecko (Rare) – 20% Chance
  • Tarsier (Rare) – 20% Chance
  • Black Macaque (Ultra-Rare) – 16% Chance
  • Komodo Dragon (Ultra-Rare) – 16% Chance
  • Naga Dragon (Legendary) – 4% Chance
  • Tree Kangaroo (Legendary) – 4% Chance

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How to get the Tree Kangaroo in Roblox Adopt Me

Tree Kangaroo and Southeast Asia Egg in Adopt Me
Screenshot by Gamepur/PlayAdoptMe

As you can see in the index above, the Legendary Tree Kangaroo in Roblox Adopt Me has a meager 4% chance of hatching from the Southeast Asia Egg. In our case, we were unlucky and got the Banded Palm Civet. If you are low on or out of money, there are three options for attempting to unlock the Tree Kangaroo: 

  • Farm currency in a Baby/Pet duo.
  • Spend Robux for instant cash.
  • Find someone willing to trade their Legendary Tree Kangaroo.