How to get the Goldfish and Sand Dollar in Adopt Me — Pool Party Update

Surf’s up in Adopt Me!

Goldfish in Roblox Adopt Me Pool Party Update

Screenshot by Gamepur

It is time for Pet owners in Roblox Adopt Me to prepare for some early summer fun with the exciting new Pool Party Update, introducing the Goldfish and Sand Dollar. These two ocean-themed Pets are the perfect companions to have as you take a dip or dive in the massive brand-new water park, which was previously the Hot Spring. Brad still runs the shop at this location, but the offerings have been restocked with pool-related items, including pool noodles, party surfboards, mermaid innertubes, and even a giant pizza float.

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Getting the Goldfish in the Adopt Me Pool Party Update

Steps to Finding the Goldfish and Sand Dollar in Adopt Me Shop Location Pool Party Update
Screenshot by Gamepur

Adopt Me players who have visited the Hot Spring in the past will likely know where the Goldfish’s location is at the Pool Party Update’s new water park. However, if you are new or have not played for some time, you can follow the steps below to find the shop with the Goldfish:

  1. After spawning in your house, go outside and head towards the Exit gateway to Adoption Island
  2. At the main road, turn right and go past the Playground and Baby Shop.
  3. The next block will contain the new Pool Party area. Enter the building on the left to find the new Pets

To get the Pool Party Update’s Goldfish in Roblox Adopt Me, you will need to pay $1,400 of in-game currency. Based on our estimations, this cost might take you around two hours or less to farm the necessary funds as a Baby with your Pet. Alternatively, you can spend 650 Robux, which amounts to roughly $8.

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Getting the Sand Dollars in the Adopt Me Pool Party Update

Red and White Sand Dollars in Adopt Me Pool Party Update
Screenshot by Gamepur

The new Sand Dollar Pets of the Pool Party Update in Adopt Me are also in the same shop as the Goldfish. A Red Sand Dollar will be on a pedestal to the left, and a White variant can be found on the right. While they are seated separately from each other, these two Pets are actually a single premium product. You can buy them both for 240 Robux, which is three USD. While you need to physically visit the Pool Party store to buy the Adopt Me Goldfish, you can purchase the Red and White Sand Dollar wherever you are by interacting with the Shop icon on the right of the UI.