Graven Scrawl Weekly Challenge – Destiny 2 – how to follow the cryptic notes

Examining the captain’s log.

Destiny 2

Image via Gamepur

On of the Week 5 challenges in Destiny 2 is Graven Scrawl, which requires that players investigate the notes in the Captain’s Log. There will be three cryptic notes that needs to be followed, but little explanation about how to do this.

Thankfully, it is all very simple to do. The notes can be obtained by playing through the Presage mission on the Tangled Short. The Presage is a repeatable mission that will get players a randomly rolled Dead Man’s Tale Exotic Scout Rifle, and each time they play through it, the character they play on will earn a note for the Captain’s Log.

This is handled a little strangely, as the notes for the Captain’s Log appear to be character bound, but the overall Challenge is account bound, so anyone who has already completed three runs on the Presage with any charcter technically has this done, they may just need to go in to the Lore section and interact with the pages.

To do this, open the Triumphs section of the Inventory.

Then go the Lore section, and the scroll down to the second page of Lore Books.

Just click on each individual page to have it be formally recognized by the challenge, if you have not already done this.

And that’s it for the Graven Scrawl Challenge. Anyone who needs more pages will simply need to run the Presage to gather them up, and then they will be able to complete the challenge easily through the Lore screen.