Greedfall: Infinite Gold, XP, and Ammo Exploit


GreedFall is a sprawling RPG that takes somewhere close to 30 hours to finish. There’s a lot of grinding, like all RPGs. If you are not in the mood for that, you can take advantage of this exploit discovered by Youtuber WhatsMyGame.

Greedfall: Infinite Gold, XP, and Ammo Exploit

It’s essential to know the basics of the game to understand how to take advantage of the exploit. As you play through an area in the game, killing mobs and finding resources, all those mobs and items have a respawn timer. For mobs, the timer is four days, while the resources seem to be six days. Once you know this, you can farm an area that has good mobs and a camp, then sleep for four days to have them all respawn, or six if you wish to farm specific resources in the area as well.

While you can technically do this anywhere you wish, WhatsMyGame details an area in San Matheus that he discovered yields high gold, XP, items, and even Iron, which is extremely important for crafting.

When you first arrive in New Serene, you can head outside the walls and find a Merchant Caravan. You can pay 10 gold to get to San Matheus. From there, you can head away from San Matheus, and take the route up the to the right. Along the way, you will find a campsite that you can set up, and this allows you to sleep there. You can farm the area, head back to the camp, then rest for four or six days, and do it all over again. Do this as many times as you need.

I have included WhatsMyGame’s video above so that you will have a visual depiction of the exploit.