GreedFall – Face To Face With The Demon – Drums Puzzle Guide


In the Face to Face With The Demon in quest GreedFall, you will venture deep into a dangerous swamp to try and find a demon you witnessed in a vision. When you first arrive in the swamp, you will talk to a hermit who will tell you about a group of people who tried to explore the area.

Head into the swamp to the mission marker, then explore each highlighted area. Be sure to explore fully, as you want to find two items in chests at one of the locations. These are a scrap of a journal entry and a demonic potion, and you will need both to be able to finish this quest. When you have all the marked areas fully explored, return to the old man. He will answer various questions, then instruct you to go and play the drums.

You need to go to the center area and find the drums. Remember, it is crucial only to play each drum once, or else the sequence breaks and you will need to fight some mobs before being able to try again.

You want to play the drums in the following order

  • Yellow Insect
  • Frog
  • Red Snake

After, you’re going to progress to the next part of the quest. I won’t leave any spoilers here for you but have fun.