Greedfall: How to Find Queen Bladnid


In GreedFall, all your companions have various missions and quests that they need help with. If you wish, you can choose to help them on their journeys and turn acquaintances into firm allies.

Greedfall: How to Find Queen Bladnid

When you first arrive at New Serene, you will meet Siora, who will ask you to help her with a quest. This quest, the Battle of the Red Spears, is relatively straight forward but there is a critical piece of advice I can give you. As you try to reach a battle that Siora’s mother is involved in, you will come to a crossroads. At this point, you should listen to Siora and head in the direction she advises.

Play through the rest of the quest, then talk to Siora, who will once again ask you for help. Agree to help her again, then head for The Red Woods in Vedrad. You need to speak to the Captain of this outpost. You will discover that her mother is dead and will go to see her body. Allow Siora to pay respects to her mother. Then you need to speak with the Captain to try and convince him to let you take the body.

If you have a good Charisma rating, you can try and appeal to him this way, but most likely you will need to find another way to do it. In the back of the camp, you can find the Officer’s Quarters. It has two doors, so make sure you go in the one not being guarded. There’s a letter on the table. Read it to discover a secret about the officer. After that, you need to open a nearby chest using a key or your lockpicking skills.

Once the chest is open, you will need to lie in wait for the Captain at a particular location marked in-game. Go there and crouch behind some rocks to wait for him. The Captain will be meeting with some smugglers, and you will most likely need to fight them and the Captain. When the smugglers are dead, the Captain will stop fighting and agree to release Queen Bladnid to you. Take the option to return to the village automatically, and speak with Eseld and tell her what happened. You will gain some reputation points with Siora for completing this quest.

Important Note: If you pick the lock of the chest, the quest step will not advance. Go into your Journal, find the quest, then hit the prompted button at the bottom of the screen to “advance follow-up” to manually move it to the next stage.