GreedFall – How To Manage Your Party


Party management is an essential aspect of GreedFall. You have a choice of companions that you will gather up as you play the game. Each companion has their abilities and strengths, loyalties, and desires.

It is a good idea to juggle which members are in your party depending on what your current mission. You want to be sure you are helping your companions with their own goals, too.

GreedFall – How To Manage Your Party

How To Manage Your Party

To manage your party, you need to be in your residence, or at a camp. By approaching the campfire icon, you will see the option to gather your companions. Click the prompted button, and all your available companions will line up. Walk to one of them hit the prompted button to compose your team.

From this screen, you can switch which members are in your party. You can only have a maximum of two of them in your party at any one time. It usually helps to have a member from whichever group you are interacting with a lot. If you plan on visiting the natives, Siora is an excellent person to bring, as she might smooth the way for you a bit with the natives of Teer Fradee.

You want to have as much variety in your party’s fighting style as you can, so a mix of magic users, gun wielders, and people with giant swords is usually a safe bet.

You also need to have a companion in your party for specific missions. Pay close attention to the various cutscenes and dialogue options in-game so that you can make the best possible choice.

It is possible to give members of your party new equipment as well. To do this, go to your inventory and hit left or right on the D-pad to switch between party members. It is possible to give your party members new armor items, and some of them can be given new weapons as well.

Finally, you can speak to your party members at any time by walking close to them and hitting the prompted button. This activity is important, as your party members might have important things to say that you may have forgotten to discuss with them.