GreedFall – How To Upgrade Weapons And Armor


GreedFall possesses an interesting weapon and armor upgrade system that fits directly into how you choose to build your character. The right upgrades can give you access to specific skills, along with general stat increases, and buffs. These diverse mechanics allow you to temporarily don certain armor pieces to do specific jobs, which adds a fun bit of depth to the game.

GreedFall – How To Upgrade Weapons and Armor

To upgrade your weapons and armor, you need to have access to the Craftmanship talent. You don’t have to spec into these talents if you have an item or armor that grants you the skill. You’ll need to equip those pieces when you want to upgrade. However, if you don’t, then you need to spend the relevant point in the Character Development tab.


Next, you need access to a merchant who can craft. You can speak to a blacksmith in most large towns, access the workbench in any of your residences, or visit any of the camps you set up around the world.

Upgrade Weapons and Armor

From there, select the weapon or armor piece you wish to upgrade. Not all armor and weapons will be upgradable. The ones that can get enhanced have up to three upgrade slots, which you can view on your main inventory screen under the “Crafting” column beside the weapons name.

Weapon Upgrade Slots

Each slot allows you to upgrade a specific aspect of the weapon. The changes come with stat modifications and a cosmetic change. Certain upgrades will need a certain level of Craftmanship to achieve, and all enhancements use up resources that are in the world. It is a good idea to check out all the available options before committing. Some of them give you a boost in Talents and might open up a Talent you do not have access to yet.

All weapons and armor also have individual requirements of skills, stats, and attributes to be able to use them. Make sure you are not upgrading something that you cannot equip.