GreedFall: What is Max Level


GreedFall released today, and it’s a semi-open world RPG where players venture into the wondrous new world of Teer Fradee. You are sent there on the search for a cure for the Malichor plague that infests your homeland. Because it’s a massive RPG, you’re going to get some levels along the way, showing how much you’ve progressed from the start. As you level up, you gain access to new abilities, talents, and skills to make yourself that much more of a formidable opponent. What’s the max level for the game?

The Max Level in GreedFall

The developers have detailed you’re going to likely finish the game around level 40, or have the option to do so. Because it’s an open-world game, you have the choice to go down whatever path you feel is best, to do whatever task you’re doing. Depending on the difficulty you’re playing the game is going to determine how competent you feel to face the numerous enemies and quests in the game.

The maximum level you can reach in the game is 90. However, if you want to achieve this level, you don’t want to complete the final quest. What you need to do is avoid doing the final quest, and continue grinding against the many spawns of NPCs. Although, you’re going to find that the enemies do not scale as you level up, so they’re going to become easier to kill.

Unfortunately, there’s also no planned DLC for the game. For any players hoping to grind up to the highest level to prepare for the next story expansion, you’re going to find yourself sorely disappointed.