GTA Online After Hours Payout Tips

Bring in the most money with your nightclub in GTA Online.

Getting your own nightclub up and running is no easy feat, especially in the chaotic world of GTA Online. You’ll have to not only shell out some big money to get started, but you will also need to keep the money coming in to keep your business afloat.

This is the key to running a successful club, and there are quite a few ways you can go about getting the money you need, and we have all of those methods right here for you.

But before we get to that, it is important to note that your club with come with Utility Fees. These will have you paying $1,750 every 48 minutes. This isn’t a high amount, but it is still important to make sure you are making enough money to cover these expenses.

With that out of the way, let’s get to the money-making:

Nightclub Popularity

This is the most important thing about your nightclub; you want to make sure your club is as popular as possible to bring in more customers, and thus, more money. Popularity will decrease over time, meaning you will have to keep an eye on it and make sure you don’t let it drop too low.

We have a breakdown of how money you will earn with each percentile of popularity:

Boosting Popularity

To boost your popularity up, and keep it that way, you will want do a few things:

Side Missions

Completing side missions for the club will help boost your club’s popularity. These take minimal effort and can be completed pretty easily.


You can hire staff on to your club and upgrade it to help keep your popularity building. These are the staff that you can hire, along with their cost:

  • Security – $695,000
  • Staff – $475,000
  • Equipmment Upgrades – $1,425,000

Bringing on more staff will help reduce the rate at which you lose popularity. Security helps keep your club from being raided (which lowers your popularity every time), and Equipment Upgrades allows your technicians to produce more supplies.

Swapping DJ’s

Swapping out the DJ you have at your club can keep things fresh and bring people back, thus creating more popularity.

Buy Marketing

You can spend money on marketing, with $10,000 getting you a 10% bump in popularity. If you want, buy your way to peak popularity, you will have to spend $100,000 in total.

Taking Out Vans

You will see vans from other players’ nightclubs around the city, advertising to boost their popularity. You can destroy these to help your own club, but they really don’t add a ton of popularity, and your time would probably be better spent doing your own missions.

Business Battles

These are freemode activities with rival businesses racing to secure a shipment from a random spawn location on the map. Winning these can give you a bump in revenue.

Entrance Fee

While not the most lucrative option, it is one that you really should do regardless. You can set an entrance fee for your club that will apply to only other players that come in. Because it relies on other players coming in, it doesn’t yield the most results, but you should set it up anyway.

Consolidate Your Business

This feature allows you to manage just about every business you have from one location, helping make your profiting more lucrative.

Supply Storage

You can keep all your supplies from each of your businesses in the nightclub warehouse, making managing everything so much easier. It can store up to 72 crates inside of it for easy access and inventory.


This is where those Technicians mentioned above come into play. You can hire up to five, and they will automatically generate the supplies you need for any product. This makes your business much easier by having the supplies you need for it to run.

Here is how much it costs for each Technician you bring on:

  1. Technician – Free
  2. Technician – $141,000
  3. Technician – $184,500
  4. Technician – $240,500
  5. Technician – $312,000

Total, it will cost you $878,000 to hire all Technicians.

Bring in the Money

Consolidating all your businesses into one location will help bring in the money you are looking for, which can help keep your club up and running.

These are the different types of businesses you can do, and what their production time and payout are:

Sporting Goods

  • Payout: $7,000/hour
  • Production Time: 20 hours

Organic Produce

  • Payout: $4,500/hour
  • Production Time: 26.66 hours

Cash Creation

  • Payout: $7,000/hour
  • Production Time: 20 hours

Printing & Copying

  • Payout: $4,000/hour
  • Production Time: 15 hours

Pharmaceutical Research

  • Payout: $8,500/hour
  • Production Time: 20 hours

Cargo and Shipments

  • Payout: $8,750/hour
  • Production Time: 58.33 hours

South American Imports

  • Payout: $10,000/hour
  • Production Time: 20 hours

Special Orders

You will occasionally get Special Orders that can net you some more products and supplies. The bonus is pretty small, just around 5%, but it doesn’t hurt to complete them.