GTA Online After Hours: How To Increase Payouts And Tips

 GTA Online After Hours: How To Increase Payouts And Tips

If you’ve played GTA Online, then you’ll know that you can pretty much buy any business that takes your fancy. You can be a CEO, a VIP, or run your Biker Gang, but at the end of the day, all that matters is that sweet, sweet green that you make from these ventures and the best way to get ahead is to invest in a Nightclub.

Whereas all the other options that are on the table for you are pretty decent, it’s the Nightclub if managed correctly, that can yield the greatest reward so, with that in mind, we here at Gamepur have put together this handy little guide so you can get more bang for your buck.

GTA Online After Hours: How To Increase Payouts And Tips

Promote Your Club

This is quite a simple one to start with, but it’s one that can easily be forgotten or overlooked in the madness that is Los Santos. Just make sure that you keep your Nightclub popularity at the maximum level so you can rake in $10,000 ever 24 in-game hours. You can do this a couple of ways, such as taking out rival promoters billboards and advertising trucks, but this doesn’t usually raise your exposure that significantly, so the best approach is to do the promotional missions yourself. Keep on top of these, and the money will continue to stack up in your office safe.

Business Battles

As long as you’re in a public lobby, you should be able to get in on these, though some people still claim that they’ve never actually seen one. They are supposed to take place every 15 minutes, and the name of the game is to get to a random supply drop, somewhere on the map, before everybody else. This does mean that you’re going to come up against a ton of resistance as everybody clamors for the same prize, so make sure you’re armed with enough weaponry to start a small war, but if you get there first, you win and get to keep whatever it is you’ve found.

Hire As Many People As You Can

The name of the game here is to make the most money, and the best way you can do that is to have the right people for the right job. Make sure that you’re packed with security folks to help keep the raids on your warehouses to a minimum; after all, you can’t make any cashola if you don’t have any product, and the same goes for technicians. The more people you have working on your nefarious deeds then, the more illegal items you can have to sell.

Special Orders

Every so often, you’ll get a special order dropped on you, but as you only get a 5% bonus on them, it’s best to leave these unless they’re for high-end goods. Otherwise, the risk isn’t worth the reward.

The Bottom Dollar

So just what can you make and how much can you get for your troubles? I hear you ask.

Cargo and Shipments

  • Production Time: 58.33 Hours
  • Payout: $500,000

Cash Creation

  • Production Time: 20 Hours
  • Payout: $140,000

Organic Produce

  • Production Time: 26.66 Hours
  • Payout: $120,000

Pharmaceutical Research

  • Production Time: 20 Hours
  • Payout: $170,000

Printing & Copying

  • Production Time: 15 Hours
  • Payout: $60,000

Sporting Goods

  • Production Time: 66.66 Hours
  • Payout: $500,000

South American Imports

  • Production Time: 20 Hours
  • Payout: $200,000