GTA V: Guide on How To Make Players Invisible in GTA Online

GTA Online Weekly Update: September 12-18

An awesome trick in Grand Theft Auto Online that allows you to make yourself invisible and removes your icon/name from the map in GTA V Online.

GTA OnlineYou can read below how you can do this. There’s also a video tutorial giving out more details.

Few Things To Notes Before Going For This Tutorial:


  • If you are early when entering the vehicle, you will stay in it with the other Player.
  • If you are too late when entering the vehicle, you will be kicked out and remain visible.


  • This trick requires Two (2) players.
  • Once invisible, the Player will no longer be shown on the map.
  • If you die while invisible, you will respawn and be completely visible to everyone again.
  • The Player can make themselves visible again by re-entering Los Santos Customs (or any ‘active’ menu/option).
  • Police will still be able to find and kill you if you are invisible, so try to avoid becoming Wanted.
  • You can still be killed by players while invisible.

Text Tutorial: GTA Online: Invisible Player Glitch

Step 1:

  • Go to Los Santos Customs with another player, and a vehicle.

Step 2:

  • Player 1 should park near the door of the shop, while Player 2 stands just inside.

Step 3:

  • Player 1 should drive slowly into the shop, and as the vehicle enters the building, Player 2 should enter the Passenger seat. (You will want to start entering the vehicle just before it flashes and disappears)

Step 4:

  • If timed correctly, Player 2 will be kicked out of the vehicle, and be completely invisible.

Video Tutorial: GTA Online: Invisible Player Glitch