Hangout Events Guide in Genshin Impact

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Genshin Impact

Image via miYoHo.

Genshin Impact 1.4 introduces Hangout Events, a way for players to spend more time with specific characters in the game. These are effectively story quests with multiple potential endings that players can go on with a select group of characters within the game.

A new Hangout Events tab will be added to the Story Quests screen where players can choose which hangout they want to go on, and each one will cost two Story Keys. Story Keys are earned by finishing Daily Commissions, with one key being earned for every 8 completed Commissions.

When the system launches, there will be quests for Barbara, Noelle, Chongyun, and Bennet. Each Hangout will also have a minimum Adventure Rank that players will need to be, with Act 1, Wellspring of Healing, focusing on Barbara at AR 26.

During the quests, there will be plenty of dialogue choices to make that will influence how the quest players out, and character will have a Heartbeat Value that lets you know how the hangout is going. If it drops too low, you will fail the quest.

Each quest will also have a progression map, allowing players to read brief summaries of each step and jump to different points in the quest. The quests will have multiple different ends that reward players with Hangout Memories that can then be traded in for rewards like Mora, Primogems, and materials.

Hangout Quests will be going live on March 17, and we will have complete walkthroughs of each quest as soon as we can, detailing what the dialogue choices do and how to get all the endings.