Harry Potter: Wizards Unite – Why You Should Download All Assets


When you first download Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, you don’t download all the assets. Instead, the game endlessly downloads different things that it needs depending on what you are doing in the game, and this leads to two issues. The first is the apparent effect it has on your data usage, which could be an issue for people on limited plans. The second is that it leads to extended loading times while the game downloads everything it needs for a particular battle or Foundable. It’s better to download all the assets in one go to reduce these problems, especially as you can do it on Wi-Fi while you are at home.

How To Download All Assets

To download all assets follow the below steps;

  • Launch the app.
  • Click on the suitcase on your main screen.
  • Click on the gears icon in the top left corner; this is your settings menu.
  • Scroll down the menu until you find “Download all Assets.”
  • Tap to begin downloading

Now, the download itself will be about 2500MB, and the uncompressed files will take up about 3300MB of space on your phone. You should notice an improvement in the games various loading screens after you do this, and you will hopefully also see an improvement in how much day to day data-usage the app requires as well.

Now, at the moment, I don’t know how the game will handle additional content being added. I assume that if you have “Download All Assets” active that it will merely download any new assets when updates are released, but it might still be best to check the tab each time a major update arrives in the game.

And that’s it. Hopefully, this helps you understand what benefits can be had when you download all assets in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.