Harry Potter: Wizards Unite – Portkey Portmanteau Guide


When playing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, you will be able to find and collect Portkeys by exploring the map. Portkeys can be used with a Portkey Portmanteau to visit some popular locations in the Harry Potter universe. Places like the Hogwarts Express, Hagrid’s Cabin, and the Ministry of Magic can all be visited using the game’s AR mode.

Portkey Portmanteaus appear on the map as little pyramids, or at least that is the best kind of description I can give you. You won’t know what type it is until you loot it.

Portkey and Portmanteau Guide

Portkeys, much like Eggs in Pokemon GO, need you to walk a specific distance to unlock. An important note here, make sure you have your game set to have access to distance traveled! There are three different distances and three different types of Portkeys.

  • Prized Portkey Portmanteau – 2KM
  • Precious Portkey Portmanteau – 5KM
  • Paramount Portkey Portmanteau – 10KM

Now, it is not as simple as just walking with the Portkey Portmanteau; you also need a key (yup, basically Incubators). There are two types of keys, Golden Keys and Silver Keys. Golden Keys can be used indefinitely, never break, and will always be in your Inventory when not being used for a Portkey Portmanteau.

The Silver Keys can be purchased from the store and will have limited uses. They can also be gotten from leveling up, returning Foundables, or from Diagon Alley. You can hold up to eight Portmanteaus at one time, and you can have as many of them unlocking as you like, as long as you have the keys.

Once you unlock the Portkey Portmanteau, you will get a Portkey that will allow you to start an AR event. During the event, you will need to find five Wrackspurts. When you find one, you can tap on it to get Wizarding XP, Registry family XP, or even ingredients for potions. Portkeys have a time use, so it is best to try and always be working on them.

Also, make sure you find all five Wrackspurts before you leave, or you will not be able to return to the location. Just like in Pokemon GO, it is best to use your Golden Key to work on your smallest distance Portkeys, because that way you can cycle through them quickly and always have inventory space for new ones.