The highest paying careers in The Sims 4

Here are the top-earning careers in The Sims 4.

Image via EA

The Sims 4 offers a vast array of careers to participate in, ranging from Gardeners to Adult Entertainers. The earning potential of all of the different jobs, though, varies quite a bit. This guide will narrow down the top careers worth the time and effort pumped into working them, taking into account hourly rate and weekly earning potential. Keep in mind that this list relies on getting your Sims character to level 10, which maximizes earning potential and job perks. Some of the careers on this list start at a meager starting wage, but if you keep working at it, you’ll be making bank in no time. Here are the highest-paying careers in The Sims 4.

10. Diamond Agent

Play into your inner James Bond as a Diamond Agent. Daily tasks encourage romantic and friendly interactions in order to advance. Agents rack in $284 per hour, $16,870 per week, and only require three days of work per week; however, the shifts are the longest of any career.

9. Villain

As a superior intellect, utilize your skillset to become the best evil villain possible. Earn $515 per hour, $12,992 per week, and work five days a week in the process.

8. Investor

Optimize your investments by conducting research, and do everything you can to make your money grow. Investors pull in $406 per hour, $13,530 per week, and work five days a week.

7. Trend Setter

Create friends through the medium of fashion and clothing. Trend Setters scoop in $451 per hour, $13,530 per week while working five days a week.

6. Botanist

Analyze plants, write papers, earn grants, and work with Cowplants. One major perk is the ability to work from home. Botanists earn $413 per hour, $14,868 per week, and work five days a week.

5. Interstellar Smuggler

Blast off into space as an Interstellar Smuggler. Enjoy $413 per hour, $14,868 per week, while only having to work four days a week.

4. Stylist

Show off your creative side as a Stylist, with the aim of developing the next best thing in the fashion industry. Earning potential is $500 per hour, or $15,000 per week, working five days a week.

3. Computer Engineer

The job of the future — Computer Engineers build worlds within worlds to keep the Sims realm chugging along efficiently. This job pulls in $375 per hour, or $16,875 per week from working five days a week.

2. Officer

Rise through the ranks and earn medals as an Officer, with the aim of becoming a Grand Marshal. Duties include befitting strong leadership qualities, ordering others around, and promoting a fit lifestyle. Officers earn $422 per hour, $16,880 per week, and work five days a week.

1. Covert Operator

Partake in secret tasks, plant bugs, listen in on the unsuspecting, and interrogate suspicious individuals as a Cover Operator. This profession rakes in $422 per hour and $16,880 per week, while working five days a week.